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bear80 Posts: 85
Hey girls, picked up my veil last night ( full length love it! :wv ) and realised Im actually getting married in two weeks. Freaked out, lay awake for ages last night just thinking over the plans for the day with heart thumping!! Am very excited but just never thought the day would come and now its so close. Ahhh!! :eek Anyone else freaking out like me??
mooky Posts: 1501
Hi Bear80 I feel better now - I had a sleepless night last night also. We've 3 weeks left. Went to the hotel yesterday to discuss the final plans and it freaked me out. I was sitting them there thinking 'the next time i see this place it'll be the day'. Yeh, totally freaked out and didnt sleep a wink.. glad i'm not on my own :-8
Sherry79 Posts: 88
:wv Can't believe it either and feel like this week has just disappeared. I keeping thinking I'm forgetting something and keep dreaming about last minute problems. Try Rescue Remedy Calms for night time, going to buy a large bottle today! Best of Luck for the next TWO WEEKS!!!! O-O
Missus Lippy Posts: 5879
I get married two weeks tomorrow and I had my first wedding dream last night (probably lucky i escaped this far I suppose ). There was no hairdresser and I had to do it myself :eek (maybe I had best check my hair salon appointments again just in case :o0 ).
dellol Posts: 315
I have been swaying between nervous, excited and anxious over the last few weeks, but today, trying to tie up a few loose ends I cannot believe the knots in my stomach..... I only hope they go by next week as I don't want to feel them knots on our big day........ :o)ll Dellol
dellol Posts: 315
Delete!!! Double post, seems to be happening with everyone lately....!!!!!!!
bear80 Posts: 85
Good to know I'm not alone! :wv Been planning honeymoon stuff all day to keep my mind occupied! As for wedding dreams I've been having those for months!! (I always dream vividly about whats going on in my life) I've had turning up to the church in jeans, no hairdresser, no make up, no priest, getting to church and realising I've roller skates on and more! :o0 I'm planning to go away for few days next week with one of my BM's to relax.