Ive a snotty nose since getting pregnant....

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lush11 Posts: 2877
Its weird, ever since i got pregnant i have a snotty nose like its the remains of a cold..... Anyone else like this?
Dootsay1 Posts: 252
Hi Lush, On my 1st pregnancy, I developed pregnancy rhinitis, its like a stuffed/drippy nose, it lasted a few weeks - was similar to a cold as well. I have had this since, when I have a cold, I'm now pregnant with 2nd (5 weeks) and I have the blocked nose already. I'm off to the docs tomorrow and hope I can take something, as its v annoying.
gagamama Posts: 204
[quote="lush11":2m0x5jp4]Its weird, ever since i got pregnant i have a snotty nose like its the remains of a cold..... Anyone else like this?[/quote:2m0x5jp4] had it all during my pregnancy, and it has lingered a bit since I gave birth. Used a saline nasal spray called 'nasonex' which doc prescribed.Relieves the stuffiness but doesn't get rid of it long term.
SandyClaws Posts: 3108
Me too!!! But it's not like the remains of a cold it's just like my nose is full iykwim (tmi sorry) and when I blow it there's bigger pookies than I ever had before... Its strange, def wasn't that bad before it's like my nose is now a super yuck filter instead of a regular yuck filter!!
CrappityCrap Posts: 1468
Yip I've had this since day one too! It is worse in the mornings, and I must sneeze 6/7 times a day!! Never had this on dd!
ttc_bfp_opk_wtf Posts: 682
I've found it's not just my nose, there is a lot more of every fluid, nnot, runny eyes, pee, sweat, ear wax...... I#'ve sprung a leak since getting pregnant.
brideeee Posts: 1490
Yup-I hear ya- pregnancy rhinitis!! Had on DS too- some seriously large boogers (TMI I know) :o0 xx b
Dootsay1 Posts: 252
Hi, was at Drs this morning to confirm pregnancy and told her about my nose (again) tis better than any pregnancy test!! and she has prescribed a spray, thank god, at least it'll ease it a bit, maybe ask your doc for the same? my doc said that the blood vessels thicken when pg and thats what causes all this extra 'stuff' - hope it improves, nothing worse....wonder if hayfever affects this too...mmm *)
proud mamaof1 Posts: 825
Hi girls I have had similar symptoms too. I am nearly 22 weeks now and have had my allergies and hayfever kick in. The allergies have cleared themselves up a little bit i.e. sore itchy red eyes and my runny nose but sneezing regularly. I noticed it bad again last week with the nice weather. I have been to chemist's to see if I can take what I would normally take for it but have been advised to get a prescription from GP as they can't prescribe over the counter when pregnant. I nearly cried as my eyes were about to roll out of my head they were so itchy and sore. Have my next hospital appt next week so should be seeing the doc again after that so will mention then. The things we go through :wv :wv but it's soo worth it.