Hi Everyone. We are currently going through our second round of IVF. The first time we had a fail as our embryos didnt last to transfer stage :o( :o( We are due to have our egg collection this Thursday (16th) :lvs :lvs Just one question, we didnt tell many people this time around as its just too hard to tell everyone after when it doesnt work. So as a "cheer me up" my sisters booked a weekend away for them and I for next Friday (24th) to Prague. They dont know right now that we are going through IVF again. I was wondering does anyone know if I will be able to fly after egg transfer (fingers crossed we make it that far) Obviously I will need to tell my sisters beforehand about the IVF and I know I prob sound very selfish but I have found this round of IVF extremely difficult mentally and physically and just thought the break away during the 2 week wait would be a lovely distraction. Does anyone know if I will be able to go?