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Hi girls, Just wondering if anyone can share some positive stories with regards to conceiving using IVF. My brother and his wife are going through this at the moment and are on their 1st attempt. My sis in law had 13 eggs taken from her yesterday and got a call today to advise that only 4 were suitable for implantation. They were hoping for more and were a bit upset with this news. We all being positive for them and saying that one of them 4 will be the one. I just feel for them so much and really want it to happen for them. Thought it might be nice for them to hear some stories of people it has worked for and especially if it worked first time.
ReginaFalange Posts: 10290
Hi there I was lucky first time, so were 2 friends of mine so there are certainly many positive stories out there. Tell her not to worry about the 4 eggs, it's all about quality and not quantity. Do you know if the quality of the eggs are good? I found this part of it very nerve wracking..I had a 5 day transfer so we were waiting every day for news on our little eggies and not even knowing if we'd have any left for transfer! Tell you SIL to relax as much as possible over the next few days. Eat well, lots of sleep and relaxing baths. Try to take an hour out and just listen to some relaxing music or something. Remember that those eggies will need a nice relaxed Mammy to go back in to. Best of luck to them both!!
cuppatea Posts: 311
Yup I'm due next Friday and this little one is a first-time-lucky ivf baby. Having four for implantation is three more than what we had! Tell them to remember you only need one good 'un. It's a nerve racking time, and the next two weeks will be horrible waiting to see if it has worked, wishing them all the best and hope for a happy outcome for them xx
Aw thanks so much girls. RF - am not sure on the quality of the eggs at all but agree that quality not quantity counts. They are hoping to implant on Sunday so thats 5 days too but will let them know if they may have to do it sooner. If so it will be Friday. Really lovely to hear IVF worked for both you girls first time.
amberjack Posts: 1273
I'm another ivf success too, I had 10 eggs retrieved, 6 fertilised and went on to blast. One was implanted and DS arrived 9 months later and 3 others were frozen (the final 2 weren't quite up to scratch) I went back tho do a frozen cycle when DS was 6 months and DS 2 is 25 weeks gestation tomorrow. So yes, miracles do happen. I also have 2 snow babies left. Best of luck to your brother and his wife, it's such an emotional rollercoaster and the best you can do is be there for them,cwhich it sounds as you are. Keep us posted :)
Thanks Amberjack. Lovely to see you also had a lovely, positive experience. Will keep you posted on how they getting on. Really hope it will be good news for them.
babybrain2012 Posts: 185
Morning - another positive first time ivf story here! We had been trying for about 2 and a half years before starting any treatment. We then did 3 unsuccessful iuis which took near enough a year to do (this treatment was free in the north so we thought it was worth a shot) We started a private ivf cycle before Christmas last year as the waiting list was a year for nhs treatment and despite some forgotten injections and a serious bout of food poisioning on new year's eve - it worked!! As you can see I'm 15 weeks pregnant and still can't quite believe it. At the start I did about 40 hpt's as I always thought the line would start fading. On our cycle we had 10 eggs retrieved and all fertalised. On day three as I remember there were 6 still in the game and four that looked really good. We did a day 5 transfer and by that stage there were two frontrunners so I had one embie transferred and one put on ice. Your sil will be daunted by the whole process - everyone is - but tell her just to take it all as it comes and not to worry about the things she has no control over. I never in my worst nightmares actually thought that I would end up having ivf, we are both really healthy but that's the way it went and it worked out well for us. My friend had treatment after me and she has just found out she is pg with twins, also a first ivf cycle
LullaBelle11 Posts: 1159
Sorry to hijack the thread naughtydaisy... Babybrain2012, do you mind me asking how much you paid to go private for IVF? I am in the north also and hopefully going to be put on the waiting list in May. Really don't want to wait for a year though! PM if you want! :thnk P.S Any sign of your baba NaughtyDaisy!! :stork:
babybrain2012 Posts: 185
Hi Lula, No I don't mind at all - we paid in the region of £5k at Origins and I found them very good (obviously easier as I have had a good outcome). We are also on the nhs list, we were put on in Feb so its roughly a year from when you're first added. We told the doctor we are under in the Royal about the private cycle and he said that you can postpone your nhs cycle for up to 6 months if you have a good reason which is good to know as I'm not sure I would want to start again in Feb with a 4 month old! If you want to know anything else just ask
mammymcphee Posts: 4477
Hi my friend conceived her Lo on 1st go of IVF also, he is one now since march! :o)ll best of luck for your sil and brother! O:o)