James Blunt Parody on Today Fm this morning

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milis Posts: 7998
Did anyone hear it and know who it was? I've searched youtube, and found LOTS of parodies, can't find the one that was played on today fm though, anyone help me out? :thnk
Tennis Superstar Posts: 37
Or search on youtube for Tom Gleeson and James Blunt if the link doesn't work. It's so funny. Today FM used to play it a year or so back. The first time I heard it was walking into work on my own when I kept cracking up and looking like a crazy person.
milis Posts: 7998
Thank you so much :thnk I can see where I went wrong with my search 'parody' got me all the American and English versions..... I needed 'piss-take to get me to this one, should have known :o0