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lynchswife Posts: 81
Hi everyone Just booked our wedding for October 2016 and was wondering if there is ever any good bargains to be had in the January sales? Do suits/rings/bm dresses etc go cheap in the sales or am I being optimistic? If there is good sales I'll save extra hard in December to have some money put aside for the sales, if not I'll go easy and just enjoy Christmas!:) Thanks in advance :wv
allsún Posts: 253
I got some decorations in the sales last year, I was also on the look out for shoes but didn't see any i liked. You might get BM dresses if you were buying off the rack, coast monsoon and all of those shops will have good sales. Some jewellery shops do have sales, it is worth keeping an eye out. Also there are a lot of wedding fairs in Janurary and often suppliers offer discounts if you book with them on the day. If you were ready to say book a florist and had your research done you could do that. You could also get stationary in the sales either online or in the shops...
lynchswife Posts: 81
oohh thanks I never even thought about the stationary!:) will defo start looking at that as well!
LadyLizzie Posts: 1724
Yes I bought my BM dresses in the January sales, Jenny Packham for Debenhams. Got a great saving on them. Had spotted them online & went shopping early on Stephen's Day & bought the only 3 they had left! So defo start looking now in Coast, Monsoon, Debenhams etc & you might be lucky.
Fiona36 Posts: 36
Any good sales on groomsmen suits does anyone know. Getting married 6th of may!! Not long more!! ☺
Sin16 Posts: 236
Saw some lovely ones in best reduced.