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Sodapop Posts: 3220
Has anyone read A Stolen Life? I have just finished it - it shocked me to the core. That poor poor girl but she has come out of that god awful situation and is happy to free and is trying to enjoy life. she was abucted at age 11 and lived in hell for 18 years. She had 2 daughters - first one at age 13 and again at 16. She gave birth at the house where her 2 captors just watched her and gave her some painkillers! I cannot believe that they got away with keeping her captive for that long - he was on parole and officers would meet him at the house 3 x times a month for all those years, neighbours raised concerns about something going on the backyard in 2006 but the police only questioned the man for 30mins. Not once did the cops ever think to check the house or the backyard. Just shocking :eek He also had to see a therapist regularly - he must have lied and charmed his way through all those sessions - the man was SICK and how a therapist couldn't see that I just dont know.... You'd never let your child out of your sight if you knew people like them actually existed! They are serving 150 year sentences but they shouldn't be allowed to continue living.
SunnyK Posts: 3834
They had it in the office Book Club and I was gonna buy it cos I love reading books like that but a friend had just bought it so I said I'd wait till she was done and borrow it. She took it on hols with her and her sis started reading and was bawling her eyes out and had to stop. She said it's very detailed and a great read so I'm looking forward to reading it - upsetting as it may be. It is mad to think how they got away with it for so long!
Bonnie Parker Posts: 2670
Just saw on Sky News that she is suing the US Government - I wouldn't blame her. She did a TV interview a couple of months ago also. I haven't read it and don't think i would - I just don't like reading those kind of books.
nelswife Posts: 3869
I followed the case in the news etc and it always shocked me, the book people came in and that was one of the books, so i have it ordered, cant wait to start reading it..
lux Posts: 6270
I saw the interview she did, she is beyond courageous. I wonder how the officials who let her down so badly feel? It seemed they just took the line that the stepfather did it and didn't pursue any other line of investigation. Its understandable, give that its usually a family member who commits such crimes, but unforgiveable given the frequent searches of the house, some of which were shown on the interview. I also read about Elizabeth Smart who was kidnapped from her bedroom. Again the police fixated on a suspect who died suddenly and then seemed to let the inquiry drift. She was only found because of the determination of her family.
Little Miss Hopeful Posts: 1193
I read the book only last week, it is shocking, i wasn't expecting her to detail the abuse and it was horrifying. There was a very good documentary on CH4 last month it beggars belief - they showed footage of a parole officer "checking" the house - what a joke. It was also very interesting to show the interviews of the step-father, listening to him I felt sorry for him - his life was ruined as he was the main suspect but then reading the book I felt she was left out in family life by him. Its so sad as i am sure there are many parents of missing children wondering if their child is still alive - this story gives them hope.
Sodapop Posts: 3220
She sued the State for $20million. She was let down by the authorities. This man was under constant radar - the house had been raided a few times for drugs - besides being a known drug user he was a known sex offender! Neighbours were alerted when he was out with the 2 young girls and they had "lifeless eyes". then the parole officers started asking questions - but the oldest daughter was already 14 at that stage..... She is using this money to set up a foundation to help people/families who have gone through traumatic situations. Her daughters are at school now and they live in a remote place on huge land with horses (she always loved horses). She said every day is new to her, even making decisions like what to wear, what to eat, where to go was all brand new and she is still adjusting. She gets on really well with her mother - all through her captivity she dreamed of seeing her mother again one day. She would wonder and hope her mother was still alive. Isn't it just so sad? That man didn't care an ounce for Jaycee - she was just an object to use (as she says herself). the book is heartbreaking and I had to stop reading it but then I wanted to see how it all turned out in the end! Nancy is just as much to blame as Philip. It is just awful. I watched the Diane Sawyer interview with Jaycee on youtube - it's very interesting and so nice to see Jaycee happy and similing.
AliceCullen Posts: 1408
[quote="Bonnie Parker":32zs70u9]Just saw on Sky News that she is suing the US Government - I wouldn't blame her. She did a TV interview a couple of months ago also.[/quote:32zs70u9] She already got $20million off the state of California cos they f*cked up so much over the years. She's suing the US government and says she'll give all the profits to a foundation for abducted people. I've read the book and seen her interview and think she is such a strong person to have come out and spoken about what she's been through. It's hard to imagine everything she went through but I think she'll be a great help to anyone who's in a similar situation in the future.
Bonnie Parker Posts: 2670
Her family received 20million - this is her own lawsuit I presume. Today's News -
Sodapop Posts: 3220
[quote="Bonnie Parker":7npw3but]Her family received 20million - this is her own lawsuit I presume. Today's News - [/quote:7npw3but] some of those comments about the article are SHOCKING. OMG!