jazz trio???

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Cazzado Posts: 73
Hey everyone, Anyone know any good funky/lively Jazz Trios? Pleeeeeeease!!!!! Thanks :wv
loveheart Posts: 686
Didn;t book a jazz trio separately but our band the Best Men also play jazz during our drinks recpetion. I think they can be booked for jazz alone too. Where you based? They are in Dublin/<Meath and are in the Suppliers Directory.
Cazzado Posts: 73
We are based in Dublin so they would be perfect! What type of songs did they play? Thanks for the help!!
rubywo Posts: 15
Hi k-lo-80, i have booked the best men, but have only seen them do the after dinner band bit, was wondering if you have seen them doing the Jazz? Are you getting the 3 piece or 2 piece for the jazz? I saw them at the open day today and they seem really good but it was hard to judge without seeing a crowd react to them..they seem to have good reviews.
coraline Posts: 925
Hi Cazzado, Isn't it the Merrion you are having your reception in? Think I remember your name from the Merrion thread, I'm having my reception there too so will also be looking for jazz trio info :) I think there is another girl on that thread also having a jazz trio and their reception is very soon, maybe next week, so she might have some details...
Cazzado Posts: 73
Hey Coraline, Its great to talk to someone else who is getting married in the Merrion,there seems to be so few!! I have booked Best Men jazz trio to play at my drinks reception,have you found anyone yet? How are your plans coming along?Have you booked any entertainment for the evening? We are not getting married till July next year,can't wait!! Where are you having your ceremony?We are going with the Unitarian Church,its a beautiful place and only five minutes away!!!! Sorry about all the questions,i seem to go on a rant whenever anyone mentions weddings!!! :wv
red Posts: 444
Round about how much does a jazz trio cost?
twinbride Posts: 278
We are having Stella Bass for the drinks reception, but havent heard them play, was hoping someone had????!!! :wv