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Sinead78 Posts: 139
Girls I feel awful, I just found out two of my friends are preganant and I can't help feeling jealous, I should be delighted for them. Husband and I have been TTC since November/December and nothing I am dreading telling him because he can't understand how loads of people get preganant that don't want to and we can't. It is so frustrating some times Sinead
yadayada Posts: 1066
mila Posts: 698
I can understand why you would be feeling a little jealous and upset. We're not ttc at the moment, but I know that when the time comes, I'll want it to happen immediately too - I'm incredibly impatient by nature! Maybe it's because the seasons seem to be finally changing, but it seems like there are so many visibly-pregnant women walking around at the moment. I have a dear friend who is also trying, and she said it's all she can see, and it understandably gets pretty hard to take at times. Chin up - I know that it's no consolation, and it almost certainly doesn't feel like it, but you're not trying an unusually long time. And perhaps some of the recently announced pregnancies took a lot longer to come about than folk are letting on......... Anyway, *HUG* for you. Hang in there.
corkrebel Posts: 744
Sinead78, I totally understand where you are coming from ...when my BF announced her pregnancy 6 weks ago,I was jealous of her....thrilled for her but at the same time wishing that it was me.... we even joked about the 2 of us being out on maternity leave at the same time...and look at me..I cannot wait to share my news with her.... Try to keep the chin up...I know it is hard ...but we had not been trying for long....chart your monthly worked for us !!! hope that things go your way dust to you...!
Sinead78 Posts: 139
Thanks Girls for all your help.