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notlongtogo Posts: 5040
Hi Jen, i pm'ed you :thnk
Lady Di Posts: 2487
Yeah I was wondering about her also - any news Jen?? Or anyone know anything?
jen2 Posts: 3106
Got ur PM, have been in bed as I only got about 1hr2 hr sleep last night. LAdy Di im fine. I got a kidney infection on top of everything else so this is what brought on labour. they managed to stop it when contractions were 2 mins apart, by giving me IV injections. It slowed them down then stopped them. They come back every now and then. I still have the infection and its killing me, on top of the kidney stone and stent, but I was at the doc yesterday and he has but me on a low dose antibiotic for 3 weeeks when I finsih the other tomorrow. It wont get rid on the infection, but I might stop pre trem labour
Lady Di Posts: 2487
God you poor thing Jen - I can't imagaine having all that to deal with on top of labour pains. I thought they were going to let you go ahead and have the baby though??