Jenny Packham Acacia II wanted

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ellsbells08 Posts: 118
Hi Ladies I'm looking for a Jenny packham head piece to buy 2nd hand for my wedding in Sep thanks for reading O-O
ellis Posts: 34
this may be of no use but anyway i was trying to get a hold of acacia headband too but counldnt and found one almost identical in a shop in navan for 150 euro if you live near there its well worth a look i just happened to pass it when i was up there for my dress think its called prepys its in the shopping centre would actually say honestly its nicer
ellsbells08 Posts: 118
Hi thanks for that just called the shop and the girl sent me a picture message of one of the headbands its fab and only 120€ happy days!! O-O
bridess2010 Posts: 100
please plese can you pm me the pic too!!!!! :o)ll
ellis Posts: 34
i paid 150 but to be honest they only had it with pink stones at the time and ordered the clear one for me it came from italy so fair play to them but all in all it was a bargain and its really well made and quite heavy had my one on with my hair trial during the week and it was fantastic when the light catches it it really sparkles
messi Posts: 234
Hi ladies any chance you could pm details of shop or even better a pic of headpiece looking for one for ages but so expensive :compress :compress :compress :compress :thnk :thnk
Barry10 Posts: 25
I would love a picture of this too if possible or the details of the shop. Thanks :)
blitzbuster Posts: 115
i have the acacia II and matching cuff. I would be interested in renting them if any one is interested
smg Posts: 1
i would love a pic too, it sounds fab!!!!!
CelticBride2010 Posts: 3
I have ordered an Acacia II for my wedding at the end of July. I ordered the band in brown to match my hair. I will be selling this after the wedding ( it was the only way I could justify buying it!!!) if anyone is interested in buying it PM me Tks