Jenny Packham headpieces

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dglbride Posts: 320
Im thinking of splashing out on the Arcacia 2 headpiece and possibley cuff, only just wondering...anybody who has bought one, are they comfortable, hope it wouldnt be slipping all the time....did you think it was worth it?? Also anybody selling genuine Jenny Packham, please pm me.... Thanks all :thnk :thnk
pinkpeonies Posts: 462
Just wondering if you bought these and would you be interested in selling them on?
soontobmrsT Posts: 96
Hiya, I bought the acacia 11 head piece direct from Jenny Packham. They come with different headband colours to blend with your hair, so u only see the bling! Haven't worn it for the big day yet, but it fits well and doesn't slip. Hth
pinkpeonies Posts: 462
Did you get the silver colour or clear crystal?