Jenny Renny birth reading anyone?

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libramoon Posts: 2402
Hi girls Anyone do a Jenny renny birth reading? If so did it come true? I got a bfp reading from her before and she was wrong so I'm not sure why I got a birth reading! I can't help myself with these things i think esp when it's just $10 :o0. Here's what she said anyway: [i:lzk2nm0z]Your reading reveals that your current pregnancy is with a baby girl.  Her EDD is referenced the month of September 2012 and her birth is shown in August - specific reference to the 10th.  There are several signs leading up to this time that labour could start - even prematurely (pre 37 weeks) so there is time of bedrest indicated.  Labour begins again on the 9th of August and continues on - about 16 hours and they show a c-section as a delivery following labour.  Baby girl is born around 5pm with the assistance of a female doctor and she weighs in at 7lbs 2ozs.[/i:lzk2nm0z] A lot of detail really but I have to say i am not liking the bedrest, potential premature birth or the 16 hours in labour ending with a c section! :eek
happymonkey Posts: 555
Hi Libra, As you might have guessed from knowing me on the forum, I got one of these. It was quite wrong on many points but accurate on others. [i:3d92jii9]Your reading reveals that your current pregnancy is with a baby boy. His EDD and birth date both show the month of June 2011 however his birth is shown by c-section a week or so before due date. This is showing because of the position that baby is laying in. A female doctor is shown for care but a male doctor is shown for delivery. There are efforts to manually change the baby's position but it doesn't appear to is either in breech or transverse postion. Born around 8am on June 14th by c-section baby boy is born weighing in at 7lbs 9ozs. Jennifer[/i:3d92jii9] Right; baby was breech, did have c-section. Wrong; had a girl, no female doctor for care, no attempt at manually changing position, baby born in afternoon not morning, date was wrong, wrong weight.
Mrslovealot Posts: 656
I got it done and unfortunately ladies..she was way off. Said I'd have a baby girl after a section but I ended up with a boy naturally...a bit of fun though...
libramoon Posts: 2402
Thanks for the feedback girls :thnk. I hope she's right about the good stuff and wrong about the bad lol