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Wifey07 Posts: 34
Hi Girls, Just wondering what jewelery you wore with a strapless dress. My dress is quite ornate so haven't a clue. My FH want to buy me a gift of jewelery for the wedding day but don't really know what to tell him. Any suggestions or pictures appreciated.
Woodstock Posts: 1565
hi, I'm wearing floating pearls.. dress is also decollete with some decorations on the top (dress is empire style) [size=75:1w0xvb0j]edited to correct spelling mistake[/size:1w0xvb0j] :-8
darkie27 Posts: 1449
No idea yet i saw a beautiful chain on here just now :wv
Woodstock Posts: 1565
just did a quick google images search.. how about something like this? [img:3tgok8kw][/img:3tgok8kw] perhaps with less threads if ur dress already has a lot of details..