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tásceitimíníorm Posts: 76
Hi, wondering has anyone used a jeweller in or near Dublin who hand makes their own jewellery who they would recommend? Need to get my OH's wedding band done. It's way too big so needs to be resized and probably made narrower too. It is an old family wedding band and is very precious to us. Don't want to give it to just anyone especially as my mum got her's resized years ago and they made a balls of it. I'd also like to get my own wedding band made with a few little sparkles if it wouldn't be too dear. Anyway any recommendations would be fab :)
allsún Posts: 253
It might be a bit far away but Michael Horan near tullamore makes lovely rings.
mrscmcc2be Posts: 40
I can't recommend CM Weldon in the Powerscourt Centre enough. They made my OHs wedding band and I gave them my mum's ring which I will be using as my own wedding band. It was one mm too thick and didn't match my engagement ring. They shaved it down for me and it is perfect. We also bought my engagement ring there and the quality of the diamond is amazing. They really know their stuff. :lvs
I agree with allsun, Michael Horan in Tullamore, he is making our rings at the moment, after visiting a number of jewellers, he was a clear choice for us.
tásceitimíníorm Posts: 76
Oh great, thanks so much for all the recommendations everyone! :) I've had a look online and they look great, I'll check them both out. Thanks a mill