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bubblegum Posts: 340
Hi there, Can you please tell me where to buy swarovski crystals for a good price? I want to make my own jewellery! I am strictly a hobbyists so no competition here. Thanks
excitednerjabride Posts: 869
I make jewellery too and am making bridesmaid jewellery. B.D.I in Bray is good, loads of stock and reasonably priced. also is really cheap with gr8 stuff
bubblegum Posts: 340
I have been to yellowbrick road and beads and bling in Dublin city, they are ok prices for swarovski but I am going to be using alot of Crystal beads me and 4 bridesmaids so I was hoping that one of the Jewellery makers could put me in touch with a cheaper alternative to these retail outlets. Thanks for your reply will check them out
MilkyMoo Posts: 142
hi girls, my mother makes jewellery tooand rosary beads, becoming a bit of a business for her as when she made them for presents, everyone was asking where they got them! Her crystal rosary beads were fantastic, and she's done them for a few brides - some for them, some as gifts for grandparents. She sources alot of her beads on ebay, and most of them are beautiful, particularly the crystals. just read the sizes on them carefully, as sometimes they arrive and are quite small. I make my own jewellery for personal use and I use ebay too. She has just got some beautiful purple crystals, and decided she wanted to make my BM's stuff for our wedding. Such a relaxing hobby too!!!!!! GL, if you want to pm me, I can find out the good ones for crystals, the good ones for spacers etc. . . . .