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Lou2009 Posts: 78
http://www.jimhjelmoccasions.com/dress_ ... ageno=5772 Did any of you have this dress for your bridesmaids? Just wondering whether they could wear a bra or more importantly spanx with it? Is it very low at the back? Thanks :thnk
sept_bride08 Posts: 220
No you cant wear a bra with it. I really wanted it but my bridesmaids felt really uncomfortable in it. Its really low at the back. Lovely dress though...bridal heavan in swords have it if you want to see what its like!
MrsTiredbride Posts: 3397
We're getting this and it's fine with a bra even with the low back. If you go into Brown Thomas or a specialist underwear shop you should be able to find the appropriate underwear. My sister already had a suitable bra when she went and tried it on and it was perfect, no bra in sight. The seamstress said that she could build in support into the cups if we wanted to go the braless route but neither bridesmaid want's that. Still waiting for my dresses to come in but had no problem anyway with the fittings. Not sure of the brand she had herself but it's something she picked up in Brown Thomas for a low backed dress and not specifically for the bridesmaids dress. It's not all that low either as I've dried on loads of wedding dresses with much lower backs and didn't worry about finding underwear. I know there must be something there to "fix" the low back issue
Lou2009 Posts: 78
Thanks for the replies girls. So there is still some hope tiredbride!! Me & my mam really liked them in Bridal Heaven but obviously need to get the bridesmaids in to try them on. But more importantly I want them to feel comfortable in whatever dress we pick. Tiredbride did you buy yours from a shop? If we do go for them I was thinking of getting them online from America. I have 4 bridesmaids so think I would save a good few bob!
MrsTiredbride Posts: 3397
I've decided to go with a shop, I've only 2 bridesmaids and although I know people have made great savings buying online if I get even one measurement wrong it could leave me between a rock and a hard place but if the shop get's it wrong then they have to fix it. Also remember you will have to pay customs at 33%
springbride2009 Posts: 65
my bridemaid's tried on this dress and we thought it was WAY TOO BOOB-A-LICIOUS--- its a bit low in front and we felt it was bit revealin.....
Lou2009 Posts: 78
Ok thanks girls. I`ll just have to wait and see what its like when they try it on I suppose!
MRS.Q Posts: 558
Shanneah Posts: 107
Yeah, fab dress but when my BMs tried it on it was all boobs too. Would suit small chested girls though.