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Roxy1 Posts: 713
Hi :wv I have my heart set on a pair of Jimmy Choos but don't want to fork out €450 for them *) ! I've tried them on in BT's and Im just wondering if anyone knows any good websites for buying designer shoes at cheaper prices?
signorina_matrimonio Posts: 1297
Are you heading Stateside before your wedding? There is a Jimmy Choo outlet in Woodbury Common in NY.
MrsTiredbride Posts: 3397
Have you looked at the range of shoes that the rainbow club provide? There could be something quite similar to the jimmy choos that you've picked out at about 100euro
Roxy1 Posts: 713
signorina_matrimonio, I wish! We have an office less than 10 minutes from Woodbury Commons but there are budget cuts this year & they have a travel freeze at the mo! Im raging! I was due to go over in June which would have been perfect!! What are rainbow shoes? Are they shoes made in the style of designers? Im looking for a genuine Jimmy Choo, they are so comfortable!
MrsTiredbride Posts: 3397
No rainbow club are a brand all of their own. And some styles are like the designer shoes of the moment. However if you really want your jimmy choos then go for them. I tried on a pair in BT in dublin and fell in love but once I saw the price we had a bit of a falling out :)
Roxy1 Posts: 713
Thanks Margaret
sparkylaffan Posts: 50
Got mine on e-bay brand new should have been 450/500 got them for 290 and for some reason got away without paying customs -had to wait a few weeks until some came up but they are beautiful I keep taking them out and looking at them!