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Snotzer Posts: 361
herby Posts: 543
Yes try e bay.
Snotzer Posts: 361
this is only 15 euro with P&P what ye think? [/img]http://img.auctiva.com/imgdata/3/6/5/7/2/5/webimg/125890886_tp.jpg[img]
Snotzer Posts: 361
http://cgi.ebay.ie/Bridal-Prom-Simulate ... otohosting
chocbiscuitcake Posts: 658
[quote="jeanieboyle":1g6h2ufp]is 310 too much to pay for a swarovski decorated 2 teir veil?& 80 for a hair comb? would i be better trying my luck on ebay?[/quote:1g6h2ufp] In my opinion yes, it is too much - for me, on my income. I mean, I would never spend €310 on a top or a pair of trousers, and I think I have only one dress that costs this much, so to pay the same amount for a floaty piece of material seems an awful lot to me. Clarification - this is my opinion based on my circumstances, no offence meant to anyone with a €310 or more veil. Even the hair comb seems extremely pricey - you will probably be getting a professional hairdresser on the day, say €90 for hairdresser plus trial, plus the comb, plus the veil, and you have spent the guts of €500 on your hair. Definitely price things on eBay or other online stores. How about putting a post on here in the Buy and Sell section describing what sort of thing you want? Think about it as well - do you really need swarovski crystals or will regular beads which cost half or less that do?
mrs.ebayqueen Posts: 2483
check out this site for veils on ebay http://cgi.ebay.com/2T-WHITE-Cathedral- ... .m14.l1262
LV Posts: 175
Definitely too much. Try ebay. I ordered one last night granted its only elbow length but it is a mantilla lace style with comb for €35 delivered. Its crazy money. I couldn't justify the spend. :eek
Rubyrose Posts: 5522
Thats a lot, I got mine on ebay for €50, I love it
Snotzer Posts: 361
just an update; i purchased s fab tiara & veil on ebay for 42 euro for both of them.. il let ye kno how they turn out! better that spending 390 in the bridal shop
dewdee Posts: 444
wow - well done sounds like a great bargain! be sure and post us a pic when you get them :o)ll