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mammybean Posts: 10364
I know what you mean. im more stressed at the minute that neither of us are working. DH is a bricklayer and there is nothing for h im. he is applying for everything under the sun but he has no experience at anything else and i also thing 11 yrs in the one job also is going against him as if he got a job in a bar or whatever they know he would be gone in an instant if he got his own work! My friend works for a big multi national company and was rang by the head office in canada and asked if she would be interested in a promotion. it was almost signed and sealed, she was then on holidays for 3 weeks and when she had her meeting when she came back - she had a bump then suddenly she had to go through an interview process. then they sent her for some mental strenth test or something, then something else and finally they gave the job to some fella that had been in the company less than half the time she was and told her her strong personality left her down!
wifin Posts: 4761
[quote="Bababoom":1d83d7l8] I once worked for a company who didn't hire a girl because she was overweight. I was disgusted by it.[/quote:1d83d7l8] Either we worked for the same company or there are more people out there like this as this happened in my work too...
mammybean Posts: 10364
Thats another thing worrying me. i was always over weight but i just had 2 babies by section in the space of 18 months and 8 months later pregnant again, and i think my weight goes against me. i am trying to think of what to wear to make me look smaller.
randomusername Posts: 2134
Mammybean, honestly I would have hired her but the reshuffle done in preparation for her arrival would have been done differently. As it was we moved people out of the department they had 4 weeks training in their new role the had to come back so that we had sufficient cover for her hospital appointments and maternity leave. In the end she didn't come back from her mat leave and I thought that was bad form. She'd only been there a short while before she left, we spent a fortune on her training, had more hassle covering her appointments and leave, then did a collection and bought her a gorgeous baby hamper and brought her out for lunch before she went on her mat leave. She was the best person for the job, no doubt about it but I would have had more respect if she'd been upfront when we had offered her the job. She didn't have to say it at interview stage at all but the offer stage I feel would be appropriate so that all the work we had done to prepare for her arrival was not a waste of time, energy and money.
milinda Posts: 785
We have hired two people here whom were in the very early stages of pregnancy (at different times) One told us immediately after she was offered the position so it meant we knew exactly where we stood, there was no question of not hiring her, it was respected that she was honest. She was by far the best candidate so even if it was known in advance she would have been taken on. The other did not tell us for a few weeks, and it did cause some unnecessary adjustments in the office. She probably thought it would have affected her chance of getting the position but it wouldn't have. She ended up with a very difficult pregnancy and actually left the position. But I can understand why people would choose not say it in advance but perhaps mention it when offered the position.
bububaby Posts: 54
I defo wouldn't tell them in the interview process, it leaves it too open for any employer to not hire you and give you a diff reason for not doing so. Being that you are only 9 weeks pregnant I wouldn't feel obliged to tell anyone...however if I were to get the job I would tell them after my first scan at 12 weeks (or whenever you have it). If I was further on than 12 weeks, I would tell them straight out only once the offer was received, then that way they can't refuse your acceptance. I know that sounds sneaky but at the end of the day, your looking after yourself here too. Its just a tough situation to be in, your really damned if you, damned if you don't.
mammybean Posts: 10364
ok so i didnt tell them. In the end i took the other position and told her not to worry about the supervisor position im just happy to have any job. that way she can get a supervisor to start and slot intot he way they do things and when i go out on leave i wont be leaving anyone in the lurch
CestMoi Posts: 2162
I know this post is a few weeks old, and congrats Mammy Bean on taking the job. I just dug this up because I'm nearly 12 weeks and going to an interview soon, but am starting to feel very guilty about this when you think that if you were lucky enough to get the job, then you'd only be able to work 5 months or a little more. I don't plan to tell them anything during the interview, but if I got to the next stage of a job offer, after reading comments on this, I think it might be fair to let them know before I go handing in my notice in my current job. I still can't help feeling really bad as if I'm lying a bit, and also the fear of the unknown and the pressure a new job might have with the learning curve. I sort of want to be like some people and not tell until I've had a chance to prove myself 1st. Mammy bean - what did you do in the end? Did you tell your new employer yet, or just accept the job as normal and tell them later on?
baba2010 Posts: 247
I am with Milinda and would let them know if offered (as you accept or once contracts are signed). Just my opinion of course! They cannot discriminate, and I am sure if they choose you, you tell them as early as you are comfortable with, and then you are a hard working employee - they will be delighted with their decision! Best of luck.
CestMoi Posts: 2162
Thanks for the reply, I know I'm jumping the gun a little, have to pass a test and the interview first. Fingers crossed anyway. If I did get lucky enough I suppose I probably would say, I'd probably start crying with the guilt too! :-8