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mammybean Posts: 10364
was starnge to see this pop up now of all times. I took the job worked my arse off over easter had no hours last week and today on the phone she said they didnt have much on at the moment, i had said to my dh that i felt that i was being used for the easter break and feel that i was right, it all depended on being available over easter and i know they were quiet enough before. Feel so dumb and got so upset earlier. Almost 13 weeks now so dont feel i can job hunt without disclosing it, and if i am disclosing it i feel its then pointless :o(
CestMoi Posts: 2162
Oh mammy bean, I'm sorry to hear how it had turned out. Had you told them you are pregnant or not yet? I suppose you could keep trying job hunting for another few weeks. But I get what you mean about it feeling pointless, I felt a bit like that too. I always thought when job hunting I'd only be a few weeks gone and not have to worry about telling them until a few weeks after I started (if that happened), but now nearly 12 weeks so it's getting to the stage that you would be telling them, I feel like they might turn round and ask why I'm taking the job then if I'm going to swan off in a few months time anyway. Its a catch 22 situation, but I wanted to move to have a job closer to where I live so that I would be able to work after the baby comes along. I hope you find something else soon, or at least that work picks up for you.
Nemo79 Posts: 932
Mammybean, sorry to hear what happened with your job. Just to give you my opinion (I am a HR Manager). I think it is probably better not to disclose that you are pregnant at this stage. Some companies (not all) do discriminate against pregnant applicants even though legally they cannot. If the position is a permanent role, the potential employer is looking for someone who can stay with the company - they do not want the hassle of recruiting and then when you are on Maternity Leave, recruit again. Obviously, i am generalising here but going from my experience. I am losing my job in a few weeks and I am not looking for a job until after my Maternity Leave. Not worth the hassle Best of luck
walkingwollie Posts: 3344
I would feel no compunction about job hunting while pg when you're desperate for the money. Family first. I wouldn't disclose a pregnancy at interview for a new employer at any stage if I didn't have to (massive bump!). Leaves it too open to abuse, IMO. However, when I was pg I was being taken on for an extra contract by a school that was paying for me out of its own budget (autism unit) and I knew they would get limited cover for me while I was out.. so I told the school staff but didn't tell my own manager I'd told them. If I hadn't told them they would never have mentioned cover at negotiation stages and would have been royally screwed.. as it came up before they signed the secondment contract, they got a reasonable amount of cover and we remained on good terms.