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babog Posts: 69
Long story short - staff re-structering where i work and basically I'm out of a job. I'm not there a year so cann't go down the unfair dismissals route. Anyway. You have to be working within 16 weeks of claiming maternity leave before you are eligible. Going to leave my CV in Recruitment agencies. Hopefully will be able to get some contract temp work (not likely but here's hopeing) to tide me over until I get to the 24 weeks. Anyway the question is would you tell if you were pg. It might rule out my chances but i don't see how it matters if it is only a temp or contract role. Just seeing what the opinions are out there? Thanks
kittysue Posts: 1016
I think if it's only temp....then there's probably no need to tell them. - But you shouldn't be discriminated against just coz your pregnant. It's not like they'll have to pay you while out on maternity leave anyway.
finet Posts: 403
I agree completely if its temporary there's no need at all to tell them... best of luck :)
Winter B2B Posts: 3494
I definitely wouldn't tell. They mightn't be legally allowed to discriminated against you because your pg but in the current climate if they are 20 people applying for one job there is a good chance they won't choose the pregnant lady. Sorry if I sound harsh.