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sun flowers Posts: 3421
strawberry shortcake Posts: 9094
i used to work in health board and its crap you have to apply for permanency they should automactically give it to you after certain amount of time, give them the usual, hard working, committed, reliable
*bubblez* Posts: 1599
write down your good points, then form them into a sentence rather then a list, try to lead one point into another and try not to have the hard working reliable ones at the start, I know from doin interviews that thats my Q to yawn as its standard interview spiel but if you're giving examples of how you took responsibility and used initive then you'll spark their interest. Try to think of things you've done in your time there that stand out and find a way to work them into you're interview. I usually have a litle card with my that I jot things down that I definitly want to get across in the interviewand read it before I go in so its fresh in my mind and I leave knowing I've given a good image of myself and haven't left out anything vital.... best of luck
woltastic Posts: 197
I am competent at ... I am committed to providing quality customer care and service in the area of ... Always punctual and reliable as my records will attest to Capable of working to deadlines as illustrated when I worked on... Can prioritise work and delegate where necessary. This is shown by ... I am honest, reliable and trustworthy as illustrated by... I can work on my own initiaitve and have come up with original ideas that have helped to streamline processes in the office such as .... I deal with people every day and have very strong interpersonal skills. I have a lot of experience resolving conflicts and complaints from members of the public and find that my manner really. I try to be available to respond quickly to calls in person and on the telephone. I have PC skills and am quite capable of working in a number of different programs (Word, Excel etc). I value the continued learning opportunities provided by the health board which facilitates ...yada yada. All qualities need to be backed up with a scenario. Means you can direct interview and gives less time for them to question you. At the end ask them a question about the job to show you are interested if they ask. Not about pay or conditions though!
woltastic Posts: 197
Oh yeah, best of luck too!