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lil kim Posts: 436
Hi Girls Ive Got a job trial next week in a local place for a part time hours weekly. There has been loads of interes in the job and i really want in for when my DD goes back to school. Anyways heres my prediciment, the last thing the guy said to me was the computer he uses is a mac which ive never used before ;o( . Im used to using a Dell PC amoung others and im just wondering is it going to be a big differnece and am i going to fall at the first hurdle or what do i need to know. Is it totally different? He said he is going to set me a few tasks next week and if i get past these the job is mine. Please help as i really want the job and its a great opportunity with loads of future prospects.
JDD Posts: 1316
it's not that difficult to get used to, but tell the boss fella straight away that you're used to using a PC and might take you a little while to get used to using the Mac. Most people will be in the same position as you. Do you know anyone who has a Mac that you could practice on for twenty minutes? I worked in a telephone company about ten years ago that used Macs and I got used to it pretty quickly. As far as I remember the main difference is that you only click once on things to open them instead of twice and if you want to minimise a screen you double click on the bar at the top (that says file, edit, view etc). Sorry I can't be of more help!
lil kim Posts: 436
Thanks a mill, im sure il pick it up pretty fast, im just panicking now at this stage! every one i know seems to have anything but a mac! I know how to do most things on a computer so hopefully il be ok. If anyone else can be of any help id appreciate it!
zoey Posts: 1574
Best of luck with your job trial. Once you get used to a mac at all they are supposed to much more user friendly than an ordinary pc. You should ask around your family and friends to see if any of them have a mac and then you could have a trial run for about half an hour - you'd realise then that they're really not hard to use just a bit different. Just tell you potential boss that you're more familiar with word but that you're a quick learner and would be willing to practise in your own time to get up to speed. A bit of licking up should go a long way..... Anyway, good luck again. Hope you get it!!!