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Tigra Posts: 184
Hi Ladies, My poor sister was recently told that her job is gone in the next two months as the company was sold off. I've been trying to help her with her job search and have been on, and Are there any other websites out there for her to look on. She's applied for loads over the last 2 weeks but she feels she may not be qualified enough and that why companies aren't getting back to her and believe me she's not hitting above her grade. Does anyone use any other sites? Thanks :wv
Wilma Flintstone Posts: 1262
Recruit Ireland is the only other general one I think. What job is she looking for?
StupidSexyFlanders Posts: 8402
Try the FAS Jobseeker site too and - it searches all of the jobs sites on one website.
MaggieSBride Posts: 399
If you can specify what type of work can advise a bit more
Kaycee Posts: 2107
have worked in recruitment and the problem is, with agencies they put up fake jobs... O:|
Bonnie Parker Posts: 2670
[quote="Kaycee":17xlnk6u]used to work in recruitment and the problem is, with agencies they put up fake jobs...[/quote:17xlnk6u] Why do they do that?
Kaycee Posts: 2107
to get candidates in so when jobs come in there is a pool of candidates to choose from
Tigra Posts: 184
Yeah I knew that about recruitment companies so I've been telling her to steer clear of them. My sister is a good bit older than me. She's nearly 50 so she feels that even if she goes for interview that they will give the job to someone younger than her - I'm trying to tell her that's not the case. Thanks for the other jobs websites I had no idea they existed. She's worked in management for years - just managing sales teams then she went and retrained and became a trainer. She's worked for a lot of private 3rd level colleges so I'm saying to her to take an office admin job if she can get it. It'll be Monday to Friday and it will pay the bills.
MaggieSBride Posts: 399
Yes agencies do this but if your sister spends time meeting with a few she will have a better chance of gaining employment. I have worked in recruitment for 5 years and now that the jobs market is starting to turn again if you are not registered with an agency you will miss out on a lot of opporutunities. How do you think they are still in business if they are not getting jobs? My advice is to get your your sister to research a couple based on what type of recruitment they do and pick the most professional ones so she can work with them to find her work. Advising her to stay away from them is not a good idea. There are a lot of bad recruitment agencies out there but a hell of a lot of good ones who advise jobseekers - better than FAS who are a joke about hows to get work.
PrettyWoman Posts: 1233
I agree with CurlieLou, do not rule out agencies. I was out of work for six months or so and applied to a lot of companies directly and also registered with a couple of agencies. Yes I feel they wasted my time at times and sent me on interviews that were of no relevance to my skills BUT I got a job through the agency. And I now work in a great global company but only has a small presence in Ireland and their policy is to ONLY use agencies. So if I discounted agencies I'd still be out of work. My motto is to use the agency and make them work for you. You have to chase them etc.... but at the end of the day they do provide a useful service. I also found Fas useless for my skills. They had nothing in my area at all and were talking to me about jobs that I could easily do but I wouldn't be suited to. Basically the social welfare made me go to see them even though I said I'm in contact with agencies that specialise in my field (they wanted me to prove I was looking for a job basically). I went and it was useless. Don't get me wrong they probably do a good service but not for me at all. I work in the Finance area and Fas don't cater for that at all. Now if I was still out of work I wouldn't rule out moving to a different area but I thought I would be better to keep on trying to get back into Finance.