Joe O'Reilly Case

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einstein Posts: 485
I've been following this case intently and Im just wondering which way do you all think the jury will swing? The prosecution case was so much stronger than the defence but do you think they can convict him based on the circumstantial evidence put forth? The mobile phone showing up in North Co Dublin at the time of the murderand a car similiar to his showing on CCTV in the area are pretty suss. The letter in the coffin with the words "This is the hardest letter I’ve ever had to write for reasons only we know. Rachel forgive me.” His affair with his co-worker, his vile emails to his sister decribing her as a "lazy c***", a bad mother etc etc... Is this enough to convict him. I believe he did it and should go to prison. Do you agree?
Dub gal Posts: 382
I agree but i think he'll get off. He gives me the chills he obviously planned all this.
McDanny Posts: 1435
I am hoping and praying he will be convicted but I have a sinking feeling that he may get off.
Princess Cinders Posts: 11475
I hope that there is justice for Rachel, it will never bring her back but she deserves for her killer to be punished for it and yes by the way I do think it was the hubby. I know people who are connected to the Gardai investigating the case and from day one they have been convinced it was him
DJSeptbride Posts: 396
If he does get off it makes a laughing stock of our justice system. He's guilty as hell and should rot in prison for what he did.
Mrs áthas Posts: 3488
[quote="DJSeptbride":28qf83mu]If he does get off it makes a laughing stock of our justice system. He's guilty as hell and should rot in prison for what he did.[/quote:28qf83mu] Actually no, if he does get off it will reaffirm the basic tenant of the criminal justice system. That the accused must be deemed guilty by a jury of his peers [i:28qf83mu] on the evidence [/i:28qf83mu] beyond a reasonable doubt. Not on speculation, not on the fact he didn’t take the stand, on nothing other than was presented as evidence. I haven’t been following the case as closely as some, but the evidence is flaky enough and from what I heard the defence barrister cast enough doubt on its weight.
CappuccinoHeaven Posts: 1081
I think he's going to get off, the evidence is too circumstantial and not concrete enough to convict him. I really think he done it but am doubtful if he'll be convicted
mad woman Posts: 22106
i think its too circumstancial. I think he will get a "not guilty" tbh. I just feel sorry for those two little boys left without there mother. as the old saying goes, you can have a thousand fathers but only ever one mother.
brookee Posts: 751
i really do think he's guilty but am so sure he'll get off
snowbride2008 Posts: 786
I think he DID do it but I also think he will get off as evidence is too circumstantial and the jury will have been warned of this