Johnsons Holiday Skin- Dunnes Stephens Green

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notashotgun Posts: 492 there at lunchtime and they just got a shipment, more fair than dark there, some in grocery and some in beauty section. Its walking off the shelves girls run!
malteser Posts: 30
hey...shouldnt that be run [i:2ctmazad][u:2ctmazad]wabbit[/u:2ctmazad][/i:2ctmazad] run.... :lol:
Ettybertie Posts: 306
Boots Grafton Street, had it last night!!!
starlight Posts: 171
sorry for sounding dum but what is this stuff??????
MrsP2B Posts: 180
I just tried this cream but it leaves streaks how do i stop this. It is really easy to get over here in the uk people here don't seem to have cottoned onto it yet 8)
Mrslolo Posts: 61
You could try using a mit most chemists sell them and they are great for applying any false tan. Goes on like a dream. I kid you not. :lol: There a chemist on right hand side of georges st - coming from dame st. Has it all the time the lady told me she never sells out even thought it sells like hot cakes. Have plent of the Fair & Dark. :wink:
jill06 Posts: 87
i have the medium one. i found if it's a bit patchy, just put some more on. it evens out. probably because it's quite light. when it starts to wear off it goes a bit funny though. i suppose that's why you're meant to use it every day.
Clarkonian Posts: 149
what is this stuff?
notashotgun Posts: 492
Its J&J moisturiser with a small amount of fake tan in it. You put it on every day and have a light tan. They have different ones for different skin tones.
Minxie Posts: 884
does it smell bad like other fake tans?