jokey car gadgets

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groovee Posts: 529
Hi I'm looking for any idea for a jokey car gadget. We did secret santa in work and i got a girl who's big into cars and rallying etc. Would anyone know of any good car gadgets. Or maybe car slippers or something? I know i'm clutching at straws !!
mollyeile Posts: 2486
I got ,my Brother a simpsons car vac, there are loads of simpsons car gadgets. Argos also have some very girly car bits and pieces
GolfWidow Posts: 425
I was in Marks and Spencers at the weekend and they have a whole range of pink accessories out for Christmas in support of breast cancer research. Quite a few of them were for cars. I think there was a car tidy, an ice scraper, a mini rubbish bin for your car etc... etc... they also have luggage tags, suitcase locks, passport covers. Very cute if you like pink and also for a good cause. [size=75:1ajzbspc]Plus they were three for two!!![/size:1ajzbspc] GWx