JP Chenet - Anyone have this wine for their wedding?

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Tango_ Posts: 21
Thinking of getting this wine from France . Can anyone give me some feedback? which type is nice in this brand ? ( know very little about wines)
Barbalou Posts: 1617
Not being rude but it can be perceived as a Cheapo wine, I think it's nice but know a few ppl that will turn their noses up to it. If you're travelling to France, you might want to do a bit more reserch on where your going to buy and what they have on offer. If you're buying from someone or sending someone for you see what's on offer before commiting.
mini mama Posts: 834
Hiya my brother and law and his wife had it for their wedding,it is fab,i have only tasted the red wine - merlot and its lovely...I think they also got it in france,every so often though its on sale in dunnes or tesco for 2 bottles for 10 or 12 euro so worth keeping an eye out...i am not sure about the white JP CHENET cos i havent tasted it but i am thinking of gettin it myself also...if I hear anymore I will let you know O-O
09bridetobe Posts: 218
Agree with Barbaralou. I won a bottle a year ago and I can't give it away!
Grunge Bride Posts: 2529
Shaughs, there was a thread about this when I was looking at wines a year ago and there is a definite perception that it's "cheap". Plus the crooked neck bottles are very distinctive (maybe in a bad way). That's not to say it's not a nice wine for the price. I think you could get better if you keep an eye on supermarket offers. We got a red and a white between offers in Tesco and Dunnes towards the end of last year and were pretty pleased with the price. Both were very nice wines we thought! One was Wolf Blass and one was Rosemont. Not "gourmet" / "wine connoisseur" brands, but nice, easy drinking wines. I think people were happy with them - I didn't hear any different anyway!
katiemomma Posts: 2690
i actually like this wine, your guests are getting free wine so what do they care what it is. i never have.
voyage Posts: 25
I had it at my wedding and it went down really well with the guest a whole 80 bottles of it .I dont think you could go wrong with this wine it is lovely and a good few of my guests commented on how nice it was aswell.
heidi-hi Posts: 30
I sooooo wouldnt recommend that wine, hope this doesnt offend anyone that has already had it at their wedding :-8
july princess Posts: 63
yum i love that wine. I can honestly say that i never take any notice of the name of wine or shape of bottle at weddings...are ye forgetting its being poured by someone they take your glass fill it and give it back!!! unless you are completly bored at the wedding you will take any notice as you will be chatting to the others at the table. I was a BM for a friend last year and they had it at their wedding its yummy as i said go for it
Mrs Mia Wallace Posts: 869
I've only ever tasted the merlot and I thought it was nice but it was very heavy. My teeth were black after one or two glasses. In the garage across from me its 1 euro cheaper than faustino so I wouldn't have seen it as a cheapo wine so I can't comment on that really.