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maria76 Posts: 3
hi i am new to this group and have just started juice plus is anyone else on this or has anyone else tried juice plus
maria76 Posts: 3
last week before i started Juice Plus i weighed in at 15st6llb this week i am down 3llb to 15st3llb so not to bad
marialouise Posts: 212
Hey Maria, Well done on the 3lbs. Honestly though, I don't think Juice Plus is sustainable, or a good solution to long-term weight loss. I think myself it's a waste of money and you'd be better off spending money with either a dietician/nutritionist or a personal trainer. I lost 26lbs since October, following a very flexible nutrition plan from a professional, and learning new habits with cooking, meal prepping and exercise. The only expense was for the meal plan and there was no hunger or juices or anything, and most importantly I am keeping the weight off. Please don't get disheartened if those 3lbs come back - it's not your fault but I think it's just another fad diet and you could spend your money better on a long-term solution. Small steps are great though, so if this is the first step towards a healthier you, well done and keep up the good work!