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Mrs O C Posts: 47
Hi Girls, Have you guys told everyone or anyone... i am 11 weeks on monday & want to tell the world.. the nearest & dearest know but i want to shout it from the rooftop :o)ll What is your situation? Will i hold off for another week & bit? :wv
love struck Posts: 1125
Mrs O'Connor Congrats I am also due in July... I am now over the 13 weeks, I told my mam when I was 6 weeks and DH mam when I was 10 weeks and everyone else last wednesday when I was the 12 weeks. It is completely up to you and how you feel. TBH I wanted to wait until I was another 4 weeks before i told everyone but my sisters guessed and once that happened there was no changing their minds. Not going to tell work for another 4/6 weeks hopefully they just think I over indulged over the xmas.. Think most people on the July 08 forum have nearly told now, we all have no patience.. Good luck with it anyway..
jellybaby Posts: 2316
Tell them whenever you feel ready! With DD we told family at 9 weeks. This time, I'm 11.5 weeks and haven't told yet. We were going to tell at Christmas (was 10 weeks) but decided we wanted to keep it to ourselves a little longer. We have a scan in just over a week at 13 weeks so we'll probably tell then. I'm shocked that no-one has noticed yet though, my bump is huge so early with this pregnancy :eek Best of luck telling everyone *) PS. there is a thread where all the July mammies chat, so feel free to join us here