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Superwifey Posts: 277
Hello Girlies, Just wondering where all the July '09 Brides have gone and how are you all getting on with your planning, is anyone else starting to get a bit panicky, i get worse every day thinking it is getting closer and closer and feeling like i have feck all done at this stage, i have lots done but still feel like the list is never ending, imagine what ill be like in another couple of months :-8 How are all of your plans coming along? :wv
spanishb2b Posts: 1261
I was wondering where all the July '09 brides have gone too!! Plans are coming along well - I think we only have a few things left to do now. Must: meet with the priest at the end of this month to do the pre-nuptial enquiry. get suits for the bestmen. find a fake (silk) flower (maybe an orchid) for my hair - if anyone know where I might get one I'd be grateful! get shoes for bridesmaids. do up mass booklets. ...but other than those few things I think we're sorted. Just glad that I can finally say we're getting married this year. The time will fly. :o0 Princess Bananahammock, I'm sure you'll get everything sorted. It's hard to stop thinking about the things you haven't done even if you have most of the other things done - I think that's just the way it is!! I find myself even thinking about the things I do have done - just in case something hasn't been done properly!!
at july 09 Posts: 2
Hi, I have only just joined this thing, it's great. I'm getting married in July too :o)ll and i'm panicking now cause it's no longer "next year"- it's "this year"!! I think i'm not really sorted at all - must get bridesmaid dresses, flowers, invitations, legal stuff and video guy - oh jeez :eek Will I have time???
Monkey15 Posts: 64
Hi Girls - I don't know why any of you are in panic stages, I got engaged at New Years this year :ooh and July is my date too! I didn't want a long engagement and it's a small wedding so that probably helps. It will all come together before you know it! Make sure to get people to help that you trust!
Miss Twinkle Posts: 230
Another one here on the July train!!! Have lots more to do too, cannot decide on a honeymoon, that's our big project at the moment. Still seems like we've ages to wait before da, da, da, da . . . . :o)ll
mrs.ebayqueen Posts: 2483
hello all there, well i have my dress and all the bits, ordered the bridesmaids dresses. have paid half off the reception. and have my meeting with registrar next month. have church booked and priest. flowers arranged so, its really just the legal stuff and to meet the priest. and of course buy the wedding rings , i need to but my shoes and some other little stuff. but fairly organised at the moment.
early days Posts: 691
Hi Girls, Still here too :wv Sadbh, that's great you have half the reception paid already, would love to say the same but have a bit saved alright. Havent done much re wedding in last few months but now the 6 month mark is here, things will start ramping up again. Monkey15 did you have anything booked before the official engagement or are you just booking now? Fair play to you, would prefer a short engagement too but we have a lot of family in Oz/New Zealand so wanted to give them plenty of notice...oh and save some money too! PLus the time is going so fast it doesnt feel the 16 month engagement that it is. Have everything booked except someone to play music in the church. My 2 cousins are singing but I have nobody to accompany them, must work on that....and havent ordered the BM dresses yet though have them picked out. One of the BM's is due her baby next week so am waiting til after that.
cupcakebabe Posts: 2232
Hi everyone another july 09er here! CANNONT WAIT!! Have all big stuff sorted thank god and most bits and pieces. just have to meet with the priest now for pre-nup etc and sort mass bookets and thats me! Oh have to do my invitations as well. :-8
Rubyrose Posts: 5522
Hi all, Im another July bride, so excited now! Have some stuff sorted, dress, bridesmaids, church, hotel, doing the pre marriage course in dublin at the end of the month. time seems to be flying buy, trying to decide on flowers, I must say im really enjoying the process, its great to that my h2b enjoys talking about it alot too. Hows everyone else getting on?
Monkey15 Posts: 64
Hi sweeties, I didn't have anything booked before but I've had a pretty good idea of our guest list for a while and it's only about 50. The hotels and venues I've spoken to so far have availability but of course, some of the hotels we probably won't be the only wedding! We are meeting with the Pastor next week, I have dress appointments lined up (but plan to maybe purchase online), only one BM and not having things like flowers in the church, fancy cars, flower girl, etc so there are a few things I don't have to plan. But still, I will be happier when our venue is booked and deposit down!