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shore2shore Posts: 8
Hi guys, I am getting married in April 2017 and trying to get the bridesmaids sorted at the moment. I really want jumpsuits for my girls but having major trouble trying to find nice wide leg jumpsuits that aren't black. I am afraid to let it till January or February next year as I feel we will be under too much pressure to get them for 3 bridesmaids. All advice welcome!! Anyone any suggestions or had jumpsuits for their bridesmaids. cheers :heartbeat: :action31
nibubbles Posts: 12
One idea would be to get them made for your bridesmaids? If you have a local dress maker, you could supply the exact colour of fabric needed and they would be able to make 3 to their exact measurements. It might save you a lot of hassle as the current trend is more towards the slim fitting jumpsuits and it's tough to know what will be in the shops in the early next year, it will still be winter mode so there may only be darker colours.
Mrs-C-to-be Posts: 71
What colour are you thinking of?
shore2shore Posts: 8
Hi, I like blues and greens or blush!!! I seem to be looking at jumpsuits and then seeing would I like the colour enough.
Maisy512 Posts: 7
I love the jumpsuit look too! How about these from Uterque: http://www.uterque.com/ie/clothing/jump ... ?color=942
maybride2017 Posts: 232
Good on you and your bridesmaids for going for a jumpsuit, I would die if someone put me in one! I would also advise getting them made, the cut on a jumpsuit can make or break it (for fear of camel toe!) and only an experienced dress maker will get them right for each of your bridesmaids!! :)
shore2shore Posts: 8
Thanks guys for your help. I might looking to getting them made now alright, would anyone know any decent dress maker in Cork