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MMarried Posts: 53
Hi Thought I'd start off a new thread for June 08! Found out at the weekend that I'm due 4th June! Trying not to get too excited about it at the moment though, had a miscarriage at 13wks earlier this year so trying to be cautious. Anyway, anyone else out there?
Baby Mad Posts: 1756
Hi MMarried I'm torn between the May and June thread I'm afraid. My due date is 31st of May but realisticly what are the chances of babs arriving exactly on that date so it could be a June baby. Best of luck with your pregnancy :wv
Dootsay Posts: 958
Hi there I have worked out my 40 wks and I think I'm going to be a June mammy, just waiting for my doc appointment to confirm everything on Thurs - great to have people in the same boat :wv
MonkeyMagic Posts: 11
Hi Ladies I'm a newby, found out on Friday that I am pregnant :o)ll I have a Dr's appointment tomorrow to confirm, congratulations to you all!
Dootsay Posts: 958
Welcome MonkeyMagic, I couldn't get an app before Thurs with the Doc & boy this wk is dragging. This site is brilliant for info and help - I'm totally addicted now :o)ll and a big :o)ll congratulations :o)ll to you aswell
lelle Posts: 172
Hi Girls and congrats to you all. Had my BFP confirmed by Doc on Friday and EDD is the 4th June.. :o)ll Haven't got a clue what to do next, I think we are going to go semi private in Holles Street. I rang and am waiting for central bookings to ring me back tomorrow. What have you girls decided to do?? It is hard to know what to do as all the options seem great, i was going to go down the Domino route but it is our first baby and I was a wee bit nervous... :eek
MonkeyMagic Posts: 11
Hi Lelle :wv Congratulations to you, I went to the Dr's this morning and my EDD is 4th June too! I live in the UK, the next step for me is to see the Midwife, I just have to wait for her to contact me to make an appointment, hopefully it won’t be too long. Hopefully there will be lots more BFP's this month so there will be more ladies joining the June thread!!
BB1 Posts: 752
Hi Girlies, Im due on the 1st June. Found out last week and still cant believe Im pregnant. Cant wait till I hit the 12 wk mark and can tell the world.
Dootsay Posts: 958
MonkeyMagic I'm in the UK too - so wondering what happens next, got docs appointment first thing tomorrow, hope it all goes well - hope to have a due date then. But I'm convinced I fall into the June bracket *)
Mentos Posts: 155
Hello Mom's to be! We only found out Sunday night. Got a massive shock. We weren't trying....can't believe that it happened so fast. We only got married in July. :lvs Went to the doctor Monday night. My EDD is 4th June too but, I expect that it'll go later than that. Have my 1st scan 27th Nov. Will be 13 weeks by then. Going private. Doctor booked me in with Dr Matt Hewitt @ CUMH private clinic. Got an appt. with him 10th December. I have cramps in my stomach, very tired and am a bit short of breath. Congrats to you all! :o)ll