June 09 Bride breathing out slowly!

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Ladybirds Posts: 445
Its all coming together wollies! My wedding is less than four months away and last week I was having a minor meltdown O:| Thanks to the straight taking of ye wonderful ladies, I'm on track, finally :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll I have my schedule of appointments made for florist, cake maker, church singer, photogragher, fittings and trials. This morning we went to give notification to the state and we have our pre marriage course this weekend. I'm still not entirely stress free, but I'm much improved from last week. O-O How are the rest of the June 09 brides getting on??
mrswifey09 Posts: 1300
ok, i really need to get my a$$ in gear....you sound organised, maybe i need a minor meltdown to get me going!!!! still have lots and lots to do for wedding!!! i think i need to scrap all my wedding planner book thingys and just get a simple diary to get everything in place!! altho i am looking forward to the next 4 months of planning and the excitement of it getting closer and closer!!!!