June 2008

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Anonymous Posts: 24542
When are you all starting to look for dresses? or have any you already got them?
pebbler Posts: 44
Hey, Just started looking last weekend, it really made it feel more real (if that makes sense), that plus the fact that this day next year I'll be a Mrs! We were texting each other today just saying what stage we would be at this time next year. The countdown is on and I am so excited! Hopefully the weather will be better Have you started looking?
Novice Posts: 458
Hi there! Well I've appointments for July 3rd in 3 shops in Dublin. I hadn't planned to start looking until September but having read some posts on here I decided to look a bit earlier. Hoping it will motivate me to get into diet mode too sooner rather than later!
Anonymous Posts: 24542
Yea, went was looking last sat and the week before. Tried on alot of nice dress that were lovely, but didnt love them! if you get me. Going to leave it now and start looking again at the end of July as some of the shops have said they are getting in their new collection then for next year *)
Picasso Posts: 645
I haven't been dress shopping yet but am feeling the pressure as it's now less than a year to the big day :eek So I am trying to organise my mum and 2 bridesmaids for a day out to start the search and it's like a military operation trying to get everyone together on the same day >:o) We'll get there in the end!
funfizz Posts: 90
I went about a month ago and it was great, even though we have not booked a date yet! Great to get ideas, and get into the whole wedding buzz. I did lie to the shops about the actual wedding date though, they probably would not have entertained me otherwise. Sooner the better I think! :o)ll :o)ll
Hamptons Wife Posts: 466
Hiya, my wedding is the 19th June 08 and i went dress shopping in Feb, i couldn't wait to get started and after the 3rd shop i found the one. I haven't put the deposit down yet and now its been so long since i last saw it im in two minds if it suits me or not. Im only 5ft 1 and im no skinny minny but plan to loose weight before the big day, as most of us do, but the dress is kind of fitted.The photo on the web does nothing for it and every time i look at it, i think maybe i should look at some more dresses. I keep asking my frend who came with me "was it really ok".Im trying to remember how i felt when i tried it on but i can't. I guess i better make an app to try it again and see if i still like it.Sorry for the long post.
applette10 Posts: 251
hi girls!!! Less than a year for me too - so decided last week to make an appointment - so went on Tuesday afternoon with my sis and bm - it was great fun - I really enjoyed it - normally I'm not into shopping etc but this was a bit[i:i3kg1o62] 'oh my God I'm shopping for my wedding dress'[/i:i3kg1o62] Got some great ideas but like that still have not found 'the one' Was told wont need to order until end of November so have the rest of the summer really (to lose the weight.......:o0) to get some ideas together!! Enjoy it anyway..... b2b08
trixibell Posts: 136
Hi I am getting married on 7th June 08. I am going shopping in August....cant wait!!! :o)ll
frogmella Posts: 1264
27th June here!! Have gone to two bridal shops - one was lovely - the other was awful!! The second one kept trying to get me to buy a dress of the sale rail!! They were all stained, zips broken, sun damaged and fake tan all over them!! I have quite a strong Dublin accent (I speak well don't get me wrong) but was quite offended cause I got the impression that she didn't think I would be able to afford a "Normal" dress!! Haven't seen anything I like really though yet - have an idea in my mind and haven't seen it anywhere. Know I could get it made but what if it doesn't suit me!!