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mrsbuu2b Posts: 94
Hi girls, So June is coming up really fast and I'm starting to get a bit nervous and extremely excited! How are all the other June 2015 brides getting on?
Shellyr80 Posts: 16
Hey getting pretty excited now! Did our pre marriage course yesterday with Avalon and I have to say we were both so impressed with it. Really beneficial not at all what we were expecting! All seems very real now! How are you set? I still have a few bits to do, invites, favours, flip flop basket, some reception decor! Have you done your hair and makeup trials yet?
june2015bride Posts: 67
Getting excited all right, just had my first dress fitting. Iv pretty much every thing done. Hair and makeup trial next week :) when are you's getin ur mass booklets done up?
June2015 Posts: 28
Hi getting excited alright time is flying by it's scary but exciting. We did our pre marriage course, we are sending out some invites this week that we are sending abroad. I'm getting my make up trial done next month, my hen weekend. I'm going to get my tan done that weekend aswell. I've half started my mass booklets I had the template from a friend so that's half the work. Is everyone ticking things off there list?
Marrio Posts: 105
Hello Lovely ladies!! I can't believe how quickly the time is going!! We are the end of June so at least that gives us a little more time just over 4 months now. We are having a civil ceremony so no need for booklets or anything like that so one less job!! We have a lot of the bigger things taken care off really, favours are next on the list my OH has volunteered to take care of them now just to get him to do them O:| I did the hair and make up trial last October as we are getting married abroad so met with the hair stylist and make up artist when I was there to have the trial done won't see them now until the wedding seems like such a ling time ago. Have ye got everything sorted for the Bridal party?? I need to get shoes and jewellery for the ladies and the men have to be kitted out yet!! eeekkk need to get cracking!!
Starrgrrl Posts: 51
I'm getting married in June too! I still have lots of little bits to do. We got a proof of our invites yesterday and they're fab. We have our menu tasting on Friday so I'm looking forward to that. I still have to get all of my accessories! Not sure where to start really.
mrsbuu2b Posts: 94
You guys sound so organised!! I still have a fair few things to do.... Finish off the invites, start on kitting the groomsmen out, first dress fitting is booked for easter, hair & make up trial is booked for April (haven't a clue what I want them like yet), favours, decor, get fit!! That's my list... I'm sure there's more though lol! I just can't believe how quick it's coming up!
PinkBride2014 Posts: 81
I think I should of hired a wedding planner. I dont even have my dress picked yet... *facepalm :/
AMGCL Posts: 54
We're 6th of June, time is just flying past, it still feels like it's miles away cus we had so much time to wait but it's really creeping up now! Posted our invites today woohoo!! Another big box ticked, all that's left now is the little bits but they're actually more time consuming and I'm terrified I'm gonna forget something, next to do is the church paperwork I think, anyone know do ta have to go to each church or will they post them out?
juliemcg Posts: 17
You all sound so organised. I'm trying to plan everything from Canada. Won't be home until 3 weeks before the wedding, so have to leave dress fitting, food tasting and make/hair trials until then. Sent our invitations out 2 weeks ago. Have all the main things covered (I hope!). Still have to pick flowers, flower girls dress, mass booklet. One of the things we're having a lot of trouble with is picking our first dance song! Is there anyone else planning their wedding from abroad?