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speedy55 Posts: 512
just thinking we've started a new month so we should start a new thread. i think there's around 7 of us hanging around due this month, but maybe it'll just be me on my own and if so i'll start stalking the july mammies to be :o0 anyhow i still feel fine, bp was normal for the first time last week :o)ll i don't know if its hormones or what but i really feel ready for the baby to arrive now, as in i'm not really nervous, just excited. how are ye all doing?
excited 2006 Posts: 153
Hi Speedy I'm still hanging around! Due date 26th - 3 weeks today!! Hopefully won't be still be hanging around in 5 weeks!! At work, two days this week and two days next week. Feeling fine, just a bit tired. Hope all the june mammies will be company for each other over the next few weeks.