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Little Liv Posts: 92
I'm having two bms - one same age as me my bffe and the other my little sis who is only 11 but looks about 13 - almost taller etc. Went shoe shopping on sat - now my bm dresses are fairly simple - burnt orange tea length with an empire line and a cream ribbon just under bust. My cbm is having spagetti straps and my little sis is having thicker straps, other than that they are the same. Found nice gold shoes kinda like these Do you think my little sis would look ok in them? Note - no problem in walking in them wearing my four inch heels around the house since she could walk. :roll:
Little Liv Posts: 92
I have no patience Please help me :cry:
nettie07 Posts: 293
i think they look a liitle grown up for a 11 year old, there a really nice shoe tho, i think id prefer if the heel was chunkier.
Hokey Cokey Posts: 4816
I agree with nettie. I have a real thing about grown up clothes and dresses and children. There are other shoes on that website that would be more appropriate IMO. Like these ones: [img:16viwolx][/img:16viwolx] those shoes you posted are gorgeous though![/img]
stockbroking bride Posts: 2642
Not on an 11 year old - the others posted were more appropriate or even gold ballet slippers - easy enough to find as they are so popular right now.
Laney1 Posts: 66
They are really gorgeous shoes but I think, as with the other girls that a more appropriate shoe might be better, love the idea of wee pumps ... would be gorgeous with burnt orange....
mad woman Posts: 22106
yeah bit too high for an 11 year old
Little Liv Posts: 92
Thanks for your replies girls. I don't want frumpy shoes either though!!! I'll just have to buy ballet slippers and get them covered in the same material and the bms one!!!