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Little Liv Posts: 92
Hi girls, I have my first dilemma! I'm having two bms - my cbm is my cousin and bestest friend since we were born and my second is my little 10 yr old sis! I know it may sound stupid to have her as a bm but she is the same height as me 5 2 and she is a big girl for her age and my other two lil sis's are flowergirls! Anyway I feel in love with a dress that I am definitely putting on my cbm but I think it is a bit too womany for my little sis - so I am going to vary her dress to suit a younger girl and also one that will flatter her shape and size. My dress that I have picked for CBM is actually a wedding dress but I am getting them made as bm dress. Don't know how to post a pic so here is the link to the dress: http://www.foreverbridals.com/gownpix.asp?Style=35207 Has anyone any idea what I can put on my little sis - I don't want them to be too different I just want to change the dress slightly so it suits her age better? HELP
grumpy Posts: 1280
I think all it needs is for the straps to be over the shoulder instead of off the shoulder. Its already got a pretty high neckline, so it should be fine. Georgeous dress by the way!
Little Liv Posts: 92
Thanks winterwedding - I thought of that but then I was thinking is it kinda too stiff or something to be youthful - I don't know what to do!!!!!
Mrs Decemberbride Posts: 4337
hi i have a jbm and will be having the same problems no doubt. Love the dress. Are you sure u def want to go for different dress styles for them or would u be better to try out a totally different dress 2 suit both.. that or else maybe try a wrap or furry stole thing. that said the top of the dress is one of the nicest things...maybe show a dressmaker a pic and see if she could do something. good luck
nettie07 Posts: 293
hi there, im in the same boat as you having two bmaids one is more of a jr bmaid she will be 12 when we marry, its hard to find a dress that would suit both. i think ur bmaid dress is fab if you went for the straps on the shouder for the jr bmaids in the same fabric, i think it would look gorgeous. just to let you know i was on the watters and watters website today , and they do jr bmaids just incase you would like to have a look. hth
Wee Pea Posts: 168
I'm the same as you. I have 2 BMs and 1 JBM. I got my 2 BMs sorted out first. They're wearing Alvina Valenta gowns, I ordered extra fabric from the designer so that I could get the JBMs made by a dressmaker. The BM gowns were two grown up looking with no straps and a wee bit backless, so JBM will have straps and her back covered...simple as that....mind you it isn't made yet!!! fingers crossed!
MummyLuv Posts: 2478
Girls had the same issue as yourselves with my 12 Junior BM but got her sorted at the weekend, debenhams have a very similar style dress to that one for €65 it has the same skirt but different neckline, looks horrible on hanger but lovely on, bought it for her at the w/e and she's thrilled (had the same problem re height as she is 5ft 3 !! go to http://www.debenhams.com/jv/product_det ... 570239828# See if it helps ??
Little Liv Posts: 92
Thanks girls, think I will just do something with the straps - If I think about it too much I will end up changing everything :shock: - I'll just forget about it till I meet the dressmaker! Wish me luck!!!
Dill Posts: 1640
my sis has a similar problem with her bms - me and her friend wore off the shoulder dreses but her sister in law to be was quite young (but taller than us all!) so she got the exact same dress on the bottom but with a round neck and little sleeves instead of off the shoulder. Looked great anyway! Good luck !