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dita Posts: 960
girls are ye the same as me I'm 30 weeks pregnant and from the start of my transition into having to use the loo more than I do anything else I have always needed to go to the loo urgently.. My question is more for at night I wake up at night and the pain in my bump is unbearable I find it hard to get out of the bed with the pain ..and it seems to stem from need to go to the loo...once I go I'm fine..but honestly I can't even hold it in I have to go there and then...are ye all the same or is it just me................its getting harder to get out of bed fast enough to get to the loo...please tell me this goes away after the baby bis born.......
suitcase of hopes and dreams Posts: 2932
Dita i'm the exact same as you the last week, loo trips every 2 hours during night and gotta go instantly, i'd imagine as babs is bigger now we've more pressure on our bladders so when we gotta go we gotta go instantly. I'm also finding if i start walking i feel i need to go too during the day, oh the joys *)