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bridalnowmam Posts: 2202
Well girls i was at the doc for my anti natal BP and sample all grand BUT he checked my belly , as you can see from my ticker i am 16 weeks He was like i would be very surprised you are 16 weeks as your belly feels like baby is up near your navel which is more like 20 weeks, he siad they will be more sure at the hosp scan but he is almost sure Also i have put on 9lbs in 5 weeks , girls this is the part where i just dont get it. I am already hugely overweight and i certainly dont feel like i have put on this amount. he basically said i need to reign it in as i dont have room to put on anything like this amount. Dont really know what to think, surely i would feel 9lbs heavier. my previous weight was taken at a private hosp and this one was at my GPj. OBviously i have just been for a long walk , one of many i will be taking now. Dont know why i am even posting :wv
Daff Posts: 11644
Firstly I wouldn't worry about the dates - I've been measuring a few weeks ahead all along on this pregnancy - 39 weeks today and still no sign! Last time they never even checked my dates, or if they did they never mentioned it. Secondly, I'm doing the midwife clinic and they don't even weigh me. My GP did last time and made a comment and I got so upset. I said it to him the next tme and he was mortified that I'd taken it so to heart. I put on 2.5 stone on DD and it all came back off pretty wuickly. I was walking 3 miles most days but eating like a pig. This time I've put on just over 1.5 stone but was heavier to start with and had a few illness' this time round that kept hte weight off. Honestely don't worry about it. Ok you put on 9lbs in 5 weeks but LO might have been having a growth spurt and you might pt nothing on for the next 2 weeks and it'll all even out.
BabasFor2012 Posts: 1594
How sure are you of your dates? I can't remember did you go for a scan at all? Try not to worry though, after the first trimester I think babies all grow at different rates. I wonder if both scales were calibrated the same. I was at the doctors on Friday and by their scales I was up 3kg since my hospital appointment 3 weeks before, by my own scales I haven't gained anything from what it said before. so again, try not to worry about it for now. Just eat healthy foods when you are hungry, make sure that what you are eating is going to give you the best nutrition, don't worry about what you are actually weighing for now, wait and see what the hospital scales say next time you are there.
bridalnowmam Posts: 2202
Thanks alot girls I was weighing myself at home and my own scales hasnt moved at all Like i said i am very very overweight already so i dont blame him for being so shocked, i was shocked. I am convinced they are measuring diff weights tho because i do NOT feel that much heavier :o( Defo with you on eating healthier, perhaps its the kick i need. i have a scan, my 12 week one. I was actually only 11 weeks but my scan date said 12 weeks and 2 days, i thought i was sure of my dates but am beginning to doubt myself. I defo had a period but it might have been lighter than normal so maybe it was an implantation bleed, roll on hosp scan on 11th of august so i will know either way, its just doc is almost sure i am very near 20 weeks as bump is so near belly button :ooh
BabasFor2012 Posts: 1594
If you had a scan at 12 weeks I wouldn't worry at all. A friend of mine had her doctor saying the same thing at one stage and sent her in to get a scan as a result, nope, bang on the dates she thought and she went about 3 days after her due date. So really they are only guessing. If your own scales hasn't moved then there is no way you have put on that weight, so just ignore him. You could refuse to let him weigh you in future, just tell him you are keeping an eye on it at home thank you. I have gone on a real healthy eating buzz after discovering I had oral thrush. I have cut out pretty much all processed foods, bar a small bit of ham. No white bread, or any sliced pans, only brown soda type breads and proper ones made with brown flour. A lot of brown breads, including the sliced pans actually use white flour. I'm making sure to include plenty of fruit and veg, lots of protein and I'm trying to get as much non animal protein as I can. Absolutely no cakes, sweets, biscuits or anything that I might go ah well only a little bit won't hurt, I can have all I want in 6 months or so, getting babies here healthy and safe is my only concern right now and a large part of that means being healthy myself. Hope you are feeling a bit more relaxed now, it's terrible when people upset you like that.
magicmoments Posts: 75
Bridal try to worry, I know I'm around the 16 weeks too and I have put on about 16+lbs apparently, I certainly don't feel like I have, now I know I am not eating exactly the healthiest sometimes but I was shocked. Told me in hosp was ok, as bmi was fine still. I'm gonna try walking or at least thats the plan. I have started buying clothes to suit my tummy as my regular clothes were all extremely fitted and tailored - my tummy certainly has got bigger but I would think its normal enough, and like you I monitor weight at home and i do think its partly all the different scales between hosptial and docs and at home. Also take into account the times of day you were weighed at, doc was morning for me and hosptial was after lunch.