Just bought me a doppler...crazy? Good idea?

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mydresswillfit Posts: 387
Am I crazy? I got the angelsounds one. A friend of mine has a voucher for inhealth.ie and gave it to me, so I got it for 30. Is this a bad idea? Some people say that its really hard to find the heartbeat and that just freaks you out even more, but just with all my loses I feel like i need daily reassurances!!!!! This is what happens when it snows and I'm housebound and have too much time to think!!!!!
happyfamily Posts: 3323
I think it would be hard not to panic if you couldn't hear a heartbeat one day-and it might just be because of the way the baby is lying that day!! I mean you already have it so you're obviously going to use it but i don't think i'd want one myself. I'm already a stress bunny :-8
rosiemama Posts: 3363
i bought one in this pregnancy as i lost a twin at 10 weeks and was still bleeding 6 weeks later and found it very reassuring that the surviving baby was ok during that time. you do need to be patient though as it can be hard to find the heartbeat. it is much lower down than you would expect it to be and when the baby is small moves about quite a lot. since baby started moving i have barely used it although i keep meaning to record the heartbeat.
Barbersrock Posts: 131
Hi I also bought an angelsounds doppler and thinks its one of the best things I have bought in my pregnancy, its picks up the heartbeat really easy, just move it around near the belly button, I know everyone is different but I pick it up very quick around there. Make sure you use your scan gel plentiful. I love listening to it when I feel babs is quite, it reassures me! I would defo recommend it....Great peice of equipment... :wv :wv :babydust: :wv :wv
MrsB1982 Posts: 150
i LOVE mine! Got an Angelsounds one too and as the other poster said, the heartbeat will be much much lower than you'd expect. I started using mine from about 19 weeks as it can be more difficult to detect the heartbeat before this and I didn't want to panic myself. I use any moisturiser that's near and it works fine, originally bought ky jelly for it, but what a mess! I used it loads at the start as it was a novelty and only use it every 1 -2 weeks now if I think babs has been a bit on the quiet side.
Mrs Summer Posts: 5040
This was my bestest buy of my whole pregnancy, found the :heartbeat: at 14 weeks and have listened to it most days since, I love it, its sooooo reassuraing especially if baby is having a quiet day (not that ours ever has :lvs :lvs ) you can pop it on and take a listen, just remember at the beginning you will find the heartbeat just on top of your lady garden only a couple of cm's either side of the centre of your belly, also my advice would be dont buy the gel, I use mine with bio oil so aswell as getting great sound you are also preventing stretch marks :o)ll :o)ll
rouged Posts: 121
Yeah definitely recommend it, has given us peace of mind so many times. It was difficult to find the heartbeat at first but now I can find it within a minute or so. Got it around 11 weeks and could hear heartbeat then (after about 30 mins searching). Agreed with the others, it's much lower down than you would think. You'll soon get used to hearing the difference between your own and the baby's heartbeats (baby's is much faster). I use Aloe Vera gel, can't hear anything without it, but may take the recommendation about and try some moisturiser when that runs out. Also I find I can hear it easiest if I lie flat on my back with my legs out straight.
mydresswillfit Posts: 387
Oh my god girls, just used my doppler and BEST THING EVER! Took me a while to find it but I wasn't panicking coz I knew that it is very early (11 5) But eventually there it was sounded like a little train trucking around in my belly!! Oh so lovely and so reassuring, best 30 quid I ever spent!!!
athas Posts: 240
Hi girls Just a small tip, i found the bio oil brilliant for using with the Doppler! Helped me to remember to rub it in too. Didn't help with the stretch marks though O:|
Augustmum Posts: 686
Must get me one of those soon :lvs