just cleared out boxroom...wrecked!!nursery furniture tips??

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Trinitym Posts: 341
Hi Girls, Totally shattered after a 3 hour marathon session to clear out our wee box room - 12 weeks to go and i wanted to do it before i get any bigger and lazier :eek !! I cannot believe how much crap! I've collected over the last five years. I've promised hubby i will never buy another photo frame, wall canvas or book again...i also have payslips and bills dating back eight years!!! We got 6 bags of rubbish and 8 bags for charities...including 14 pairs of shoes, 5 handbags and 2 jewellery boxes full...that hubby had to drag from my iron grip!! Feels great to get it cleared out and can start thinking about furniture now and getting it decorated!! We're getting it painted next weekend and carpeted then!! The room is teeny so we only have 7ft x 7ft to work with. Any tips/suggestions for reasonably priced/small nursery furniture?? Particularly for any of you that are also using the boxroom as the nursery! I've looked at mamas and papas and mother care but the sets (particularly the wardrobes and chest of drawers) are all quite big!! any tips greatly appreciated!! x
annonTTCer Posts: 532
We got furniture from baby elegance range but quite wide, did you try ikea!
Trinitym Posts: 341
had a look at ikea but i'm a "matchy" sort of person and i love the idea of a complete matching set...they have a lot of storage options but all quite bold colours and i'm after neutrals for now!! Will have a look at baby elegance anyway as i might just go with a cot and a dresser and have hubby mount a little clothes rail onto the wall rather than a proper wardrobe!! thanks x
PearlBaby Posts: 532
Oh I love a good clear out like that... So satisfying. Anyway, we have a teeny nursery as well. We bought a white cot from mamas and papas and a tall set of drawers from ikea. Ikea also do great wardrobes for nurserys to. We didnt need one there's one built in already. Though we're moving so will be getting one. One tip..ikea do brilliant drawer dividers which are great for separating vests, little socks, bibs etc. stops everything getting all jumbled in the drawers. Hth
jewellb Posts: 2389
trinity we have same space in our box room, im not sure the dimensions but we have a small 4ft bed in it that i think we'll keep as we are going to sleep in with baby or should i say i will as hubbie commutes so i want him to get some sleep. luckily we have a built in wardrobe so only need cot and dresser/changer, i like white also and found this dresser, comes in coco and white, http://www.traleenurserysupplies.com/pr ... id=&sc_id= its in tralee but they deliver to anywhere in irl once you spend over 100 euro, if you have a boy most of there clothes are folded anyway if a girl you could get this shelf and hang there little dresses on it http://www.traleenurserysupplies.com/pr ... =12&sc_id= you might find a longer/cheaper one but i saw someone using a shelf like this in a mag, im going to get a white cot from ikea and i love the mama and papas ginger bread colours as the unisex, were having a boy but dont really like blue i find it very cold. also you know those little toy hammocks you can get you could hang some of those up for teddies etc and get some good hooks for the back of your door!!!! i cant wait to start doing the nursery!!! I hope the links work !!!! :lvs
Handymammy Posts: 1086
I second ikea. A lot of their furniture does match even if it is not nursery stuff. I bought a white cot there and then got a white chest of drawers which go great together. I would not bother with changing table if you don't have much room as you will probably not bother going up and down stairs every time baby needs a nappy change Instead of a wardrobe for my DDs room I got a lovely pink clothes rail in Argos and put lovely big canvas boxes underneath and fairy lights and bunting over top. It looks lovely and is so nice to see her little dresses on show. One of the WOLs has a facebook page where she has photos of real Irish nurseries and you will get some lovely ideas for colours, dressings and extras. It is Babycribz
gopro Posts: 1801
a lot of the sales are startin in mid November our DD is now 13wks n we still avent bought furniture for what will b her room we will buy in the sale we won't be movin her out til 6 months we've the crib in ours for now(I change her nappy in the crib) the box room is cleared out but all her outfits are b there down stairs we have a. hangin unit and a big wicker basket with all her current clothes so I can grab them easily.
jewellb Posts: 2389
i love hearing ideas of what mammies are doing already with there LO's our house is tiny so dont have far to go to change nappy, i like the idea of a changer on top of dresser for changes after naps etc, but i will just keep a wee changing mat downstairs also, we have a big ikea footstool and i plan on keeping all baby junk in there !!
PearlBaby Posts: 532
We got a changing cot topper out of babies r us. We leave it during the day and take it off at night. I'll see it I can get a photo of it. Eta http://m.toysrus.co.uk/Babies-R-Us/Nurs ... osition=38
digsy Posts: 1257
If i was doing it again i wouldnt buy nursery furniture as its much too small. I would have just bought standard furniture for a room. In saying that, our chest of drawers has a changing unit on top and thats really handy for changing babies. I also have one downstairs and would be lost without them both. I bought Mama's and Papa's nursery furniture and its pure crap, very bad quality. I would stay clear of it