just come off the pill any one feel like this?

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mama sugar Posts: 1387
Really down in the dumps today, have a headache and was feeling sick this morning I had a pain a bit under my belly button, and really wrecked has coming off the pill affected anyone like this was in grand form yesterday...maybe its just hormones settling down??? sorry for the moan just feel like a chat and cant be bothered doing work!!!! :cry:
feelsobad Posts: 693
any chance you are pregnant - when did you stop the pill?
Miss Sunshine Posts: 1128
hi sugar cube i've just come off it aswell (well about 2 weeks ago now). Have had a terrible headache every day in the same spot on my head and am very narky some days. the guys in the office don't know whats wrong i'm eating the heads off them some days and the next im grand. I'm definitely blaming the come down off the pill
mama sugar Posts: 1387
hey girls we all seem to be in the same position!!! just off the pill chloe no dont think id be that lucky just finished pill the 10 june so only off a month maybe its the start of my af... i seem to be ok one min and then bawl crying the next over little things ny nan is v sick though so maybe its to do with that but it would be lovely to get some good news have to wait till the 17th see if af makes a visit!!! hope you girls are going well we will all have to keep one another informed on how things are going! we will all prob be like this every month before af arrives thinkin we are preggers!!!!
Miss Sunshine Posts: 1128
Don't mean to get your hopes up but i think you could be pregnant!! :shock: :o)ll
mama sugar Posts: 1387
ah mailbu i dont think so just like you said its probably just the come down off the pill... and it is bound to feck up your hormones a bit but yea it would be great news but hardly likely im afraid fingers crossed for you this month x
Miss Sunshine Posts: 1128
fingers crossed for you too chick ;) make sure and let us know as soon as it happens :)
Mrs Neadi* Posts: 1128
Hi Sugarcube. You came off the pill on the exact same day as me and are due the AF exact same!! mad isn't it. I've also been getting a pain just beneath my belly button, had cramps all day today infact - so bad I actually considered taking painkillers...but "just in case" I didn't. Trying v.v. hard not to convince myself i'm pg - because it will jsut be a huge let-down at the end of the month!! noticed one big positive about coming off the pill though - got my "mojo" back hahaha :lol:
mama sugar Posts: 1387
he neadi, thats mad we will be checking on each other!!!! hope you are, will keep my fingers crossed for you, sounds mad the same symptoms are we long lost sisters!!!ha ha..... yea I would really love if i was but dont think so...its mad i think you try and convince yourself that you are but we will wait and see as they say wishing you baby dust O:o) let me know really hope you will be celebrating by the end of july x
woonoo Posts: 78
Lads, not to freak you out but I felt fine when I first came off, mojo had me like a dog in heat. Headache in same spot started about 2.5 weeks later and pain in belly...it was because I was pregnant. Test showed positive 9 days after conception, well before Af was due. Others test neg at this stage and won't show up until after AF. Stay off the drink and best of luck to ye! :lol: