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baby4me Posts: 455
hi girls Went to doc this morning! she only did a preg test and took my blood pressure. she said to go away and book a doc and she would send a referral letter!! im only 4 weeks & 3 days!! Ahhhhh!! im still really worried she said that the gyne wont see me till 16 - 18 weeks so do ye think i sohuld book a private scan myself at 12 weeks?? b4 i break the news!
Mama Dora Posts: 14987
Congratulations thats brillent :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll If you feel you can't wait get the private scan :o)ll :o)ll
little mrs sunshine Posts: 5523
Congratulations. I am off to see my GP tomorrow. Are you going private? I know when I booked last time my scan was for when I was 11 and a half weeks.
baby4me Posts: 455
hi girls thanks Ya im gonig private in cumh but they told me that it would prob be 16-18 weeks!
mumof2 Posts: 3864
Congrads :o)ll :o)ll I went private last time in CMUH and I got my scan for 12 weeks
Princess consuela Posts: 1480
Congratulations - wishing you a very happy and healthy pregnancy
Christmas B Posts: 6191
[size=200:2u5opgoh][color=violet:2u5opgoh][b:2u5opgoh]WOOHOOO!!![/b:2u5opgoh][/color:2u5opgoh][/size:2u5opgoh] :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll [color=indigo:2u5opgoh]A huge congratulations to you hun!!!! What fantastical news!!!! Wishing you a super duper happy & healthy 9 months ahead!!![/color:2u5opgoh] :heartbeat: :stork: :heartbeat: :stork: :heartbeat: :stork: :heartbeat: :stork: :heartbeat: :stork: :heartbeat: :stork: :heartbeat: :stork: :heartbeat: :stork: :heartbeat: :stork: :heartbeat: :stork: :heartbeat: :stork: :heartbeat: :stork: :heartbeat: :stork: :heartbeat: :stork: :heartbeat: :stork: :heartbeat: :stork: :heartbeat: :stork: :heartbeat: :stork: :heartbeat: :stork: :heartbeat: :stork: :heartbeat: :stork: :heartbeat: :stork: :heartbeat: :stork: :heartbeat: :stork: :heartbeat: :stork: :heartbeat: :stork: :heartbeat: :stork:
mumof2 Posts: 3864
Thanks for PM but I can't reply to PM's from my computer. I had the same consulstant and even though it ended in m/c he was with me 5 mins after my scan and was amazing - couldn't fault him at all I went to my GP, told him I wanted him and 2 days later I got a letter form. With the scan I just rang direct and booked it
december06bride Posts: 245
Firstly congrats, it is a great feeling when the doctor confirms it. I would defenetely book your doctor now if you can, my GP didnt advise me to book a doctor and when i went back for my 8 week check up he said to ring up and the lady doctor i wanted to book was booked up until the 18th of February and i am due on the 2nd of February - so i was so annoyed but there is nothing you can do. I am going to try now and see if i can get her public so fingers crossed. Good luck to you and hope to be talking to through the forums soon :wv
baby4me Posts: 455
hi girls well i booked Dr Barry O' Reilly this morning. THe lady said i was lucky to get him i wont see him till in 17 weeks but she told me to book my scan in CUMH so i rang them & got a scan for 12weeks 4 days. so excited now!! only thing is im having alot of back pain & stitch feeling in my side all right hand side & had bit of pinkish blood last nite so fingers x everything is ok. ps Sept princess forgot to ask how much does he cost??