Just did a Boudoir Photography shoot!! Pressie for H2B

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Honeymoon! Posts: 15
Just thought I would share the experience, I read a few threads on the subject before and only plucked up the courage to do it after reading another wollies report! I went to Gerry (01-8041220) in based in Finglas. Very very nice man, and completly puts you at your ease, I didn't feel a bit uncomfortable. He had a makeup artist/hairstylist, Rhona who was lovely and very helpful giving my hints on how to pose. The make up was great aswell, I wore false eyelashes for the 1st time but still looked natural. They shot me in 4 outfits in loads of poses and they looked great on screen, apparently they will look even better when touched up! Can't wait to see the finished pictures. I was there from 1.30 to 6pm, but the time flew in. It costs €640, can't remember how many shots thats for but I should see them next week. There are some great shots of me in bridal lingerie, veil, tiara stockings the works!! Going to leave them in a box under the bed the night before the wedding and ring H2B once I have left the house. I am staying in my mams so he will see them, then the next time he sees me will be waking up the aisle (fully clothed of course!). I can't wait!! He hasn't a clue, he is due in from work soon, I am pretending I went for a make up trial to explain why I am so done up! If anyone is thinking of it, go for it. Well worth the money and great to look back on in years to come! I also got some great shots in the outfit I had on the night we meet, it was a short dress and the photos are amazing! Hopefully it will back good memories of that night..........!
notsaying Posts: 53
Honeymoon thanks
Honeymoon! Posts: 15
Hiya notsaying! I was the same as you, wanted a female photographer but I read a report another wollie put up about this guy and thought I would at least call to check it out. I got a good vibe off him on the phone so I decided to chance it and he turned great. His wife works there aswell and there is a female make up artist. You feel very at ease. He chit chats away over a coffee before you get started. When I was leaving his 10 yr old son came in to leave his bike there, after we had finished and I was in jeans again of course! It was a very normal relaxed environment. After a few minutes I wasnt overly conscious I was in my undies! Plus I wanted the photos to be sexy for H2B rather than pretty for me, so I now think a male photographer is a good way to go! I can't remember how many photos you get but I will find out next week and post the amount. I seen a few samples in the studio, not many but enough to trust him. IF you do go ahead I would advise you to look at some models posing in lingeries etc... on the net just to see how they hold there bodies etc.. to make them look good. He will direct you but I wish I had done a bit of homework!
FoxyLockz Posts: 2448
This is a fantastic idea!!! Oh i would so love to do that....have a chance to me made up and photograpthed and touched up!!! I defo check out his website, thanks for the post!!
Maybethisyear13 Posts: 992
Does he airbrush???!!! I would love to do this too, think H2B would LOVE it!!
Mrstobe10 Posts: 1793
I dont know if I could do it though!!
MrsBlues Posts: 5170
For those of you looking for a female photographer, I used Nicola is based in NI but will travel, she will do the shoot at your house and is just the sweetest thing.
August 2009 Posts: 46
Hi Honeymoon, Do you mind me asking if you had to pay in full on the day. What if you don't like the way the photos turn out? Sorry I am sure yours will be lovely, its just that this is something i would love to do for HTB, but I hate getting into normal photos never mind half naked ones :o0 :o0 and would be afraid I wouldn't like any of the photos after paying nearly €700 if you know what I mean !!
montagne Posts: 1849
AGH!!!!! I would die rather than do this. Well done to you. I could never do it!
blissful2b Posts: 1555
agreed... i don't think i'd do it personally but well done you! i asked the other half about what he'd think when he saw this thread, he said it wouldn't be something he'd be interested in me doing... (not cos he doesn't fancy me he he!)