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Mrs Beasley Posts: 589
Hi Folks, My hubbie and I are in a bit of a quandry. We currently live in a 2 bed apt out clonsilla direction. It has always been our intention to move a bit closer to home and buy a house (preferably 3 bed or more) in the Swords/Kinsealy area. I was pregnant last year and we had sale agreed 3 times in a row on our apartment, but each time the buyer couldn't get the mortgage and the sales fell through. We had an offer accepted on a house in Swords and by the time I was 8 mths pregnant we had to make the tough decision to ask for our deposit back and take the apartment off the market. We just needed time to focus on the end of my pregnancy and the new baby. Baba is now 4 months old and even though we love our apartment, we kinda feel like our lives are on hold a bit as we really do want to move and soon have to start making decisions about creches, etc. What should we do? Should we put the apartment on the market again? Should we see if we can rent the place out and get a mortgage from the bank to buy a house without selling the apartment, but keeping it as an investment? We just dont know what to do and any advice would be appreciated. We're not earning huge money, but have decent salaries and are both in pretty secure jobs, my husband especially. Do you think it would be a good idea to talk to a financial advisor? If so, how do I go about finding a good one with our best interests at heart? Thanks a mill!
Anonymous Posts: 24542
Hi there hun, We are living in clonsilla too and also have a 2 bed apt, same as yourselves wanted to move into a 3 bed house as hoping to start a family so we decided to rent out the apt seeing as the market is so bad at the mo, could take ages to sell and could end up out of pocket. We went to see a fantastic mortgage broker in clonee and she advised us this was our best option in the given market. We are now waiting on the keys to our new home and the apt is rented out no probs at all. Its a tough one to decide on especially given the way things are at the mo. Best of luck with everything hun and if you want the brokers number just pm me and i'll send it on to you, she is excellent and very very down to earth :wv