just done test and got a BFP!!! getting married jan 09...

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fmb Posts: 9
Myself and H2B are chuffed and a bit stunned with the BFP :xox , thought we were super organized for the big day ie.wedding day and now there's another bigger day to gear up to... :ooh Probably 6 weeks gone already going to doc tomorrow to confirm it but 2 different brand POAS were strongly positive and my boobs are so sore and heavy Have my wedding dress empire-line ,reckon it should still fit i hope Don't know how long i can keep quiet,or folks get suspicious if i am not drinking on my hennight!!!!no honeymoon booked yet we were planning on th U.S. is that still a good idea at 14 weeks? any advice on family ,friends, dress, honeymoon/travel and keeping secrets most welcome :thnk
Rocket Queen Posts: 7381
Firstly congratulations :o)ll :o)ll I have no real advice for you. Not sure if your dress will fit - everybody puts on weight differently. When I was preg on DD I was very bloated by 12wks. I'm now 9wks gone with this little bean and haven't changed body shape at all. I think I get a tiny bit bloated in the evening and I have loads of wind :eek :-8. You could tell your family that you are on a detox diet for the wedding. That's what I'm doing this time and so far I think it's worked. On your hen night if you drink shorts you might just get away with the 7up without the vodka just make sure you buy your own drinks, or tell 1 close friend and she can cover for you too. I'm not sure about flying. I think it's ok to fly in your 2nd trimester. There are loads of posts on here if you do a search. Ask your GP about it when you see him. Most importantly enjoy this magically time. I know how stressful it is arranging a wedding so try to keep the stress to a minimum - delegate out tasks to others if you can. Rest as much as you can too. Have a happy and healthy 9mths.
Delish Posts: 4176
Congratulations :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll Thats wonderful news for you both. Drinking - it's actually alot easier to hide the fact you are not drinking than you might expect, there are loads of excuses; on medication, off drink in an effort to loose weight, not interested in boosing any more, have to be up early in the morning, or just don't say anything about it, and drink coke/7up and people will presume there is something else in it and just stay in a round with you and hubby. I didn't show until about 18 + weeks From my experience I definitely wouldn't tell people until I had to, especially not work (definitely try to leave it until 12 + weeks. People are such gossips about pregnancy, It's nice to keep it to y9ourself for a while. Flying - I think you can fly from 12 -28 weeks so you sho9uld be grand on honeymoon. Congrats and good luck, when is your due date?
fmb Posts: 9
Thanks rocket queen and delish ye are the first to know our big news :wv we bought a pregnancy book yesterday and calculate due date is 31 may :ooh feeling a bit calmer now but am meeting up with mother and sisters this evening and will keep things light and fluffy me and h2b are both 38 and are giggling to ourselves that we're having a shotgun wedding at this ripe old age :-8
smurf77 Posts: 2216
Hi there Everyone is different but I really am only starting to show now and I am 22 weeks so the dress coud be fine. Can you get it ordered a size up and then it can be taken in before the wedding? CONGRATS TO YOU BOTH!!!!!!! :o)ll
justwaitin Posts: 2462
congratulations, im sure your dress will fit esp if its empire line i didnt show till i was around 20 weeks with my ds , but at 8 weeks there is no dening that im pregnant have a big belly and im in maternity jeans,
Indiana Posts: 204
I got married in July this year and got a BPF in March...it was a bit of a surprise, like it seems to be for you. Initially all i could think about was whether I would fit into my dress or not (as it was quite figure hugging)......but I just had to get used to the idea and get on with things. In fact I wrote a post on here at the time and some of the girls were so nice with their comments and re-assurances. I didn't drink much on my hen at all, I was just 12 weeks gone at that stage so told everybody that night (i didn't feel like trying to hide it!)......unfortunately it won't be remembered as the wildest hen ever but will definitely be remembered as being the most shocking because some of my friends were left completely speechless with the news!! In the end I was able to wear my dress which fitted fine once it had been let out very slightly.....but it's amazing, I started showing more or less immediately after the wedding.....at which point i was 22 weeks. I reckon at 14 weeks you should be fine especially if you're dress is an empire line style (as previous posters said everyone gains weight differently and there is the possibility of bloating etc but best to remain positive!)..... We have found that once the wedding was over there was no sense of anticlimax or lull that some people experience as we still have such a big event to look forward to later in the year and we're both so excited now... Best of luck with everything!
sillysocks Posts: 1390
Congrats! As indiana says at least you'll have something to look forwrad to when the day is over. If you could keep it to yourselves I imagine it would be brilliant to have H2B or you annouonce the baby during the wedding speeches - would definitely make them memorable!!
kittysue Posts: 1016
Ah FMB that's great news...... I think your dress being empire line will definitly hide any bumps...although I'm only slightly starting to show at nearly 18 weeks. I think the Hen Night will be the trickiest for you..... But Best of luck....and enjoy your HOneymoon....!!!!
darkie27 Posts: 1449
HI mRS Congrat i think your dress will be fine my friend got married at 20 weeks and she was fine had to let out the middle a little xxx