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Zara07 Posts: 119
Did many of you lucky ladies concieve first month off pill?
Babs Aug08 Posts: 828
Nope, it was our 4th month TTC!
Apple tree Posts: 139
No 5 Months fpr me , cycle can take a few months to regulate so it can happen , but dont get your hopes up. !!!
Anonymous Posts: 24542
I wish! We started TTC in October 2005. After 16 long months of BFNs we decided to take a break for a couple of months. We finally got our BFP in October 2007, two years after first starting. It was definitely worth waiting for, though!
newyearbabs Posts: 686
it was 18months for us but def worth the wait
jiggy_jo Posts: 1166
yup we were very lucky.
missc Posts: 875
It was 18mts for us too
McMummy Posts: 1041
I wasn't on the pill but got pregnant on our first month TTC, we were very lucky
Babylon Posts: 334
It took us 2 years after coming off pill. Was diagnosed with PCOS about a year after coming off it, but thank God got our BFP in November. The very best of luck to you, just try not to allow yourself to get too disappointed if it doesn't happen in the first few months!
wombats Posts: 665
first month here too!